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=][= Guard Painting Event: Relics of the Armoury

Imperial Guard Astra Militarum painting event painting event barracks

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As the flames of war engulf the galaxy in scales not seen in generations, ancient and forgotten relics are returned to the battlefield to wreak terrible destruction upon His foes; the years of neglect made manifest in their fury as xenos and traitor alike are taught a harsh reminder of the might of the Imperium of old.


Don't we all have some Imperial Guard models somewhere left unfinished, and gathering dust? Projects stalled, or miniatures abandoned by the dread hand of GW's rules..? It is time to correct these injustices, and return these forgotten models to active duty! Check out the Relics of the Armoury topic in the barracks for more details if you're interested thumbsup.gif

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Painting Oaths Completed:
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