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Thoughts on a day of Apocalypse?

Apocalypse planning

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I'm considering attempting to plan an Apocalypse game for my new group, however, this will only be doable over the course of a day (say 10am - 10pm) with the possibility of setting up, deployment, and pre-game the night before. Obviously I want as many players involved as possible and i have the basic idea in mind from previous events elsewhere. However, a few questions:

  1. How many PL would you suggest per side for a 12 hour game?
  2. Time limit: T1 takes four hours total, T2 takes three, T3 takes two. Plausible? (need to fit in the breaks after all)
  3. Table options are 12x6 or 18x6. However, should it be by 4 considering it's only three turns being played?
  4. Other things to take into account?



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I almost wonder if you need to limit targeting in some way.... The biggest hold up of time from our last apocalypse was waiting for someone to be free while resolving saves from another part of the board.




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I would go with the 12 x 6 table.  

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