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Corlesian Cataphracts - Plog

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Yeah bullgryns are pretty excellent. If I'm taking crusaders though I usually run a 5 man squad because I only have five of them converted. Haha it also fits with the number of guys in a scion squad, which is pleasing from a fluff/OCD viewpoint. The 5 man squad usually tanks a pretty good amount of damage although they can struggle to kill much after the first round of combat when their re-rolls wear off. That said, I usually just throw them at something big and scary and hope for the best. Ive been pleasantly surprised so far. Being able to bring back a model with acts of faith is a nice benefit too. That's kept them going more than once.

I've taken them with a priest for another attack each but unless the priest is buffing more than just their squad I find he isn't really worth it. For the points you could just take more crusaders. Maybe if you maxed out the squad size he would be a good choice. I think maybe an astropath with psychic barrier for a 2up invuln would be a better support character either way though. Unless you're planning on using that power elsewhere.




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Tempestor Craw and the Scions of Striketeam IX AKA 'The Bloody Nine' are grav dropped into an Industrial area of southern Corlesia as a reactionary operation following an outbreak of Luther Pattern Excavation Automata's commonly referred to as Ambot's. Striketeam IX recieve primary orders to retrieve the Installation Executive. Before retrieving their target, Auspex scanners announced an Ambot's presence before it's mechanical limbs whirred into ear range. Tempestor Craw recieved the order every Tempestor dreams of hearing.. "Elimination Protocol.. Sanctioned."



Messing around with some Narrative games using the Killteam ruleset and some homebrewing. Completely fell in love with the Ambot model when it was released despite not playing Necromunda. Alittle homebrewing, and she had a dangerous looking dataslate for use within the system.

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