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1000 Point Emperor's Children List

Emperors Children Heretic Astartes Army List Slaanesh Chaos

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Zephaniah Adriyen

Zephaniah Adriyen


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Emperor's Children Patrol Detachment


HQ Options:

Chaos Lord w/Combi-Flamer, Plasma Pistol: 92 Points


Troops Options:

Noise Marines x20 w/Blastmasters x2, Combi-Plasma (Noise Champion), Doom Siren (Noise Champion), Sonic Blasters x18: 453 Points

Noise Marines x20 w/Blastmasters x2, Combi-Plasma (Noise Champion), Doom Siren (Noise Champion), Sonic Blasters x18: 453 Points


Total: 998 Points


This is the kind of list I expect to be VERY fun to run, but at the same time VERY ineffective (although all those sonic weapons pack a huge, HUGE punch). 40 Noise Marines and a Chaos Lord counts-as with a flamethrower guitar. Lots of fun. Also a lesson on why Noise Marines are for large armies.

Edit: Should also be very fun to build, paint, etc. Lots of stuff to do for a long period before I run out, due to the sheer number of units and how genuinely cool said units are.

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I dont see the point of taking 40 noise marines in a patrol.


Why not take 30 and a 2nd HQ and make a battalion?  You would get to use Endless Cacophony + VoTLW three times rather than just once and have enough points left over for a daemon prince and the new Dark Apostle.  

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