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2k idea, Kataphron Cacophony

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chapter master 454

chapter master 454


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So this list is just something I thought of as a fun thought and is just one of the various things I do while unable to play 40k due to work hours...

Regardless, one thing I wanted to look into mechanicus was looking at something other than the "I will get whatever canticle I want" Mars Dogma with Warlord trait of re-rolling the first die. Not to mention trying to work with something other than onagers as well...noticing suddenly that Kataphrons were troop choices.


So I will present the list and go into the idea behind it. Going to short hand something real quick about the list, put in a second battalion detachment of Rusty 17 because I needed the extra CP


Battalion Detachment, Agrippinaa Dogma (Servitor Maniple):


 Dominus with warlord trait Necromechanic

 Dominus with warlord trait Master Bio-Splicer (Field Commander), Relic: Arkan Land Autocadeus 








 11 Kataphron Breachers with Heavy Arcs and Arc claws (give them enhanced bionics)

 11 Kataphron Breachers with Heavy Arcs and Arc claws (give them enhanced bionics)

 6 Kataphron destroyers with Heavy Grav cannons and Phosphor Blasters

 6 Kataphron destroyers with Heavy Grav cannons and Phosphor Blasters

 6 Kataphron destroyers with Heavy Grav cannons and Phosphor Blasters


Second battalion, Rusty 17 (2 enginseers and 3 5-man ranger squads)



So the gimmick is straight forward with the build: You have the two front lining squads of breachers. Naturally tough as nails with T5 and 3+ save and now with a 5++ the concept with these dudes is they just roll onwards with the 2 dominus from their detachment right behind. Any of them get hurt, give them a good ol' repair so you ether finish the job or they go straight back to 3 wounds. The main thing I was working on was using the Splicing trait from the detachment to ALWAYS revive a breacher and that I found in the form of the Dominus with Necromechanic. You'll also notice the 3 spare part squads. So the idea is simple: If the squad is below half strength I can take one servitor, get a breacher back then immediately get the breacher back to 3 wounds (since they are revived at 1 wound) with the Necromechanic. The Back-up is the Bio-Splicer himself but don't mind him, just doing his job. However if one is wounded then simply just use the Necromechanic to top off the wounds then go into a bio-splicer to get back the breacher. After all, a 1 wound breacher still fires and fights at full power! (and can take those lascannons to the chin that roll 6s on damage rolls).


The other part of the list uses the agrippinaa stratagem which you may now notice those destroyers are EXACTLY on the threshold of power level for that strat. Basic idea is simple: Wipe the squad or I go get new ones. 30" range guns helps make them effective even when at a table edge. The reason for the breachers not getting the same treatment is simple: breachers don't do so hot when still in your own deployment zone. Best get them up the board and doing stuff.

Also helps that Agrippinaa dogma also means when they get charged (if they do) they are still quite effective (heck, effectively a -1 to hit penalty with their BS). 


Thematically I like the idea of the Dominus using this force as a hammer to get what they want. The Enhanced bionics being the dominus testing new toys they have come up with (hence why they have "spare parts"...flesh seems to be a weak link in the product!).

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