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Stompa list! 2000pts

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Time of madness

Time of madness


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Bad moons supreme command detachment
-1cp to make it dread Waaagh

Big Mek (warlord) - Oiler, KFF, choppa, dread Mek
Big Mek with souped up Shokk Attack gun
Kustom stompa - deff kannon, super Gatling, belly gun, 5 rockitts, 4 sponsons

Evil sunz battalion

Warboss with Kustom Shoota and Power Klaw
2 units of 30 boyz with slugga/choppa
10 grots

Comes in at 1979pts.

Idea would be to shoot the kustom stompa with more dakka strat each turn. He’s rerolling 1s for bad moon. Big Mek can heal him and provides a 5+ invuln.

Can screen him out with boyz if need be.

Ways to make the list better?

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