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Pathfinder Vanguard Move

pathfinders vanguard embark

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9x19 Parabellum

9x19 Parabellum


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Can I use my Pathfinder's Vanguard move to embark within a transport before the first turn begins? 

A pathfinder unit deploys within 10" of an empty Devilfish. 
Using their vanguard ability, they move 7", and, having ended their move within 3" of a transport, they embark upon it. 

The wording next to "embarking" in the Main Rulebook seems to make this legit as it does not specify "in their Movement phase"

Why Would I want to do that? 
To allow their accompany drones to be on the table at deployment within protection range of something useful, but allow the Pathfinders to take shelter against no-LOSattacks before the game begins.

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Eddie Orlock

Eddie Orlock


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Per the rulebook FAQ embarkation has errata to only happen in the movement phase, sorry.




First page, right hand column.

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