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jump pack counter melee unit 8th

blood angel 8th

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I know this might be over talked topic, but i would like some helpful input with regards to units in 8th edition.

is a 5 man vanguard with jump pack and lighting claw a good melee unit in 1000-1500 point games?

what is the best counter-unit to melee focus units? is it vanguard or sanguiary guard or death company?

i am planning to purchase a jump pack unit for mobility. i had no success with BA terminators & landraider combo so i am trying something else i can understand to use.

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It's an odd question, generally you look to counter things you are worse at. For example, my Astra Militarum army uses counter melee strategies and units because melee is where they are weak. BA typically don't worry about counter melee, because melee is where we want to be. What units are you struggling in melee against?

A general strategy is to shoot the staby, and stab the shooty.
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Definitely it is better to decide what your unit would want to counter/attack and then tool it up for the job.
If you want to have a counter unit, keep it cheap. If you want to destroy things offensively, buff it up.

Lightning claws are nice against Power armor as they have in-built wound re-roll and good AP. If you take 2, you get additional attack (with the claw) but keep in mind that those are then 12pts, so almost as much as another Vanguard Vet (14pts without Jump Pack). 

A power sword on the other hand costs only 4pts, gives a HUGE AP value, but no re-rolls. For an additional attack you can then get a humble chainsword for 0pts or a Storm Shield for 2pts, giving the unit an invulnerable save in case you face a high AP weapons.
VanVets are great because you can equip them with a huge variety of tools.

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If you're looking at pure damage output, DC may be your best bet.  

But, cheap and cheerful is good.  

Vanvets with 2 chainswords (and therefore 4 attacks each) are only 14 points.  With packs, only 17.  

But it really depends what you're fighting.  I dont think 5 of any single marine squad is enough to do the work needed, though, tragically.  So, you really need to up those numbers.  

Also, with storm shields now at 2 points only, you should seriously look into that. 

You may want some additional character buff support.  A priest nearby means those vets are wounding marines on 2s.  No claws needed. 

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It really does depend on what you want to counter. Van Vets are quite cheap for the punch they pack but are better against some foes than others.

If you are having problems with big monsters rampaging through your lines then what you want is something that can tie them up until a heavy hitter like Captain Smash can hop over to deal with them. Van Vets with Storm shields are great for this as for under 100 points, you can have a unit with a 3++ save throughout. That will frustrate anything short of a Blood Thirster for a turn or two.

On the other hand, an Ork horde would swallow such a unit without stopping to chew. If you are trying to stop big units swamping your lines, Death Company are probably the cheapest source of mass attacks. Add Lemartes for cheap rerolls and he is a decent beatstick in his own right.

Sanguinary Guard are too expensive for counter-assault IMHO. By the time you have spent the points on tooling them up, you have a unit that you cannot afford to leave sitting on the sidelines. They need to be charging enemy units of choice to start earning their points back.

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Ultimatly you could go full on blender mode and run a 10 man VV squad with the following load out.


Sergeant with Relic Blade and SS/or just take a CS or maybe a power weapon of some sort. I like the relic blade because he can wield it in one hand for some reason.  

4 with CS/SS x12 attacks

5 with duel CS x20 attacks


You could take on a hoard with that while still being survivable/cheap.



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