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750 points for escalation leauge and new young player

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Hi all,


My son has taken an interest in playing 40K. He's 8. :-)

He really likes the DGuard models (we played a bit of first strike with homemade-rules).


I've managed to get some more DG stuff, and made a list for him. He's new to the game I am not, however, this edition is quite new to me --> I've played Cities of Death in 4th IIRC, and maybe played a game in 5th edition. So we have a learning curve smile.png. Espescially on psychic powers and stuff.





Deamon Prince with wings and talons. >> What upgrades should he get? I'd rather pick something generic so that he/we can use that for "every" battle. Same for Psychic powers.


Typhus >> same questions as for the DP.




10 cultists. He likes the models so I guess they have to stay :-) 2 x 5 from the easy build boxes. Autoguns.


20 poxwalkers. I have more if needed, but they make a nice blob and can be buffed by Typhus. Would be nice.


2 x 5 plague marines. Sorry, dont have room for 7! 2 blightlaunchers and a plasma gun for the champ. No further upgrades.


This is 749 points IIRC.


The table is probably a bit smaller than normal, might be 48" by 48". or 48 by 60, or 72. Not sure. No idea wether the movement "speed" is suffiecient, or if that matters.



The Prince will pounce on a vulnerable unit, shred it while Typhus and friends march towards the enemy. Or contest stuff.

Cultists should be objective holders also.


Any ideas on how to decently pay this army are highly appreciated! Just as the use for those command points, what to use when etc.


I'd probably help him remind what to do when (including psychic phase) but I'd really like him to move the models and make the rolls and all that.



Any tips?





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Dallas Drake

Dallas Drake


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In this edition your Daemon Prince can't be targetted unless he is the closest model as he is a Character and has less than 10 wounds so I would suggest something fast moving like him to keep the firepower off him, a single Bloat Drone at this points level is fine, if that's not possible then maybe think about dropping him for something else, the rest of the list is really slow. If you do run a DP then always give him dual talons and the Superating Plate for a 2+ save (it also helps him in CC with saves bouncing a mortal wound back on a 4+) in your list I'd go for Revoltingly Resiliant for a 4+ DR roll.

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