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In Vengeance of Sangarinus

Blood Angels Army List World Eaters

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Zephaniah Adriyen

Zephaniah Adriyen


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Okay, so, a little background.

I have a friend at my FLGS who always, and I mean always runs a vehicle list. You know the type: all heavy, high-point-value vehicles. The reason for this is twofold. Firstly, he plays scaled-down versions of his 2000-3500 lists in thousand-point (which we play regularly). Second, he hasn't bothered to collect large amounts of infantry other than the occasional squad of Khorne Berzerkers, Plague Marines, Drukhari Incubi and Asuryani Rangers, depending on the list he's running. He runs variants on the following list VERY often:

1 giant transport (Chaos Land Raider, FW Tantalus, etc.)

2-4 vehicles with decent weapons intended to pin me down (Chaos Vindicator, Cabal Ravager, etc.)

A squad or two of melee infantry (Incubi, Khorne Berzerkers, etc.)

And one (always one) HQ unit, usually with melee abilities (Khârn the Betrayer, Cabal Archon, etc.)


So I decided to put together a list with similar makeup, for my Astartes.


CRIMSON KNIGHTS (BLOOD ANGELS successor variable keyword) Spearhead Detachment (4 CP)


HQ Options:

Librarian in Phobos Armor w/Camo Cloak, Force Sword: 111 Points

Primaris Librarian w/Force Sword: 101 Points


Heavy Support Options:

Primaris Hellblasters x6 w/Heavy Plasma Incinerators: 210 Points

Vindicator w/Hunter-killer Missile, Storm Bolter: 133 Points

Vindicator w/Hunter-killer Missile, Storm Bolter: 133 Points


Dedicated Transport Options:

Primaris Repulsor w/Ironhail Heavy Stubber, Krakstorm Grenade Launcher x2, Las-talon, Onslaught Gatling Cannon, Storm Bolters x3: 309 Points


Total: 997 Points


Expensive, but worth it to see the look on his face when I field something like his list against him and finally, finally flatten him.

"All power demands sacrifice and pain. The universe rewards those willing to spill their life's blood for the promise of power." - Sindri Myr


"There is no meaning, no purpose. We murder, we kill. It is mindless savagery, this UNIVERSE is mindless!" - Azariah Kyras





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The one thing i'm worried about is that vindicator are meh. If he brings only tanks, wouldn't trilas preds/devastators be better?
Secondly, why not take Slamguinius? He can take care of some vehicles on his own. 
Third, is there a way you could free up some points to take a batallion with scouts? Gives us the much needed CP



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