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Teleport, Shoot, Die - Deathwing in 8th Edition

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I would suggest all Terminator should become T5(as everybody seems to want) and ignore move and Heavy like they did in previous Editions.

But what I really would love to see is a complete rework of our chapter Tactic. as it is now it does little to nothing for the Deathwing and Ravenwing elements. 

I would do it the Dark Eldar way and give 3 little Chapter Tactics instead of one big.

So maybe:

Green Wing keeps the Chapter Tactic as it is now(to be honest our Chapter Tactic isn't realy good in the First place)

Deathwing gets reroll fails Charge rolls when they came out of DS this Turn.

Ravenwing can still shoot after they fell back or they get no -1 to hit with assault Weapons when they advanced.


But that is just a dream of mine and real doubt GW would do this.

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DW & RW already have a sub chapter tactic. DW are fearless & RW get jink.

T5, 3W, ignore -1 AP, whatever, just something to increase their resilience is required.

After the beta bolter drill, I’m perfectly happy with their output when equipped with storm bolters. I agree they should ignore the -1 to hit on moving heavy weapons, but that’s a whole other issue imo. I personally think -1 to hit on any heavy platform (Pred, Dread, Land Speeder, whatever) is garbage, regular infantry models I understand.
On the subject of damage output and -1 to hit modifiers, they should drop the modifier for heavy melee weapons too (power fists at least) the penalty is too harsh for an already low melee output unit.

Regarding the DW Lt. I completely disagree they do nothing for DW and aren’t required. Who wouldn’t want to bring a re-roll ones to would aura with their DW (of any type or load out). This is especially true in melee, when we’re talking throes high str weapons, rolls those ones on power fists really hurts. Plus you get another relatively decent beat stick character in your front line. Yes you can get this with a regular Lt. with a jump pack but come on, it’s not all about min. maxing, it’s nice to play coherent effective rules but also write thematic, fluffy and visually pleasing lists to play.
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A teleport homer mechanic utilising Ravenwing would be cool and thematic. Points or CP, I don’t particularly care, it just would be fun to use and fluffy to build a list around.
Couldn’t agree more on the need for a DW Lt. It just feels dirty having a green power armoured Lt. tag along with your DW Knights. I think the extra movement part is pushing it though. Could they just not give Lts the option to take TDA?
I think a larger issue with 8th and deep strike charges is getting the support characters in with the unit they’re supporting. Leaving a ‘tail’ back to your support character “just in case they fail the charge” is frustrating and really detracts from the immersion for me. Bring back Independent Characters joining units and rolling 1 charge for all.
I’m also not sold on 3+ saves on 2d6 either, sounds great in theory, but imagine rolling 2 dice individually for each save when a mob of 30 boyz shoot at you, or 6 Aggressors double tap because you failed that 9” charge.
I was workshopping marine armour in general a few weeks ago with a friend, we were thinking all marine armour should be 2+, with the heavier variants like TDA or Gravis adding toughness or -1 modifier immunities. Instead of a 3+ invulnerable, storm shields could provide -2 immunity or re-roll failed saves or something. If all marines were 2+ base you could also bring back -1 AP on std bolsters too and not have it wreck marines further.
I like what they did with 8th in a lot of ways, but they could have thought further out of the box instead of arching back to a lot of legacy rules.

I’ve often thought about trying out the TDA saves as 2/3+ on 2d6 (or a d12. As then a 1 would be an auto fail as usual,) instead of them having an invulnerable save (as being done on 2d6 would pretty much negate the need of an invuln this edition.)
New thing for GW to sell. Terminator/wounds Dice sets. 5d12s (can be used for TDA saves or for wounds.)
Or even TDA having an ability to negate up to 3AP.

Something I’ve been working on in my head is a way for them to get an ability like CSM for the specific legions. WE armies get berserkers as troops, DG get plague marines, TS get Rubric, EC get Noise.

Something like
For Battleforged DEATHWING keyword Patrol, Battalion, and Brigade detachments only, make it so keyword LANDRAIDER and DREADNOUGHT can be chosen to be put in a Deathwing detachment without preventing the detachment from being Battleforged for DEATHWING faction.
“Landraider”, “Landraider Crusader”, & “Landraider Redeemer” datasheets may be taken as Dedicated Transport battlefield role. “Deathwing Terminator Squad” datasheet units become Troop choices.
“Deathwing Tartaros Terminator Squad” datasheet units become Fast Attack choices.

That way we could get some more CPs, and have a fluffy army in Matched Play.
Feel free to send that spot into the GW faq email.
I also have a similar thought about Ravenwing too.

But yeah. I also feel that this edition (even with the updated points and the Beta Bolter Discipline, that Dw (all TDA really,) aren’t as good as they should be. They can get killed way to easily with all the plasma that is generally used in this edition.

G8keeper’s idea about WitD becoming static but costs more would be awesome. Probably would end up being 15/20 points as a negate on a 5+ is actually pretty darn good.

Also I have thought about a Lt model for Dw.
A Deathwing Lieutenant datasheet should have the stats and abilities like a power armor lieutenant, but with being in TDA would increase its wounds characteristic to 5.
It should have as basic Wargear: Stormbolter and Powersword.
With Wargear options being:
• This model may replace its storm bolter with an item from the Terminator Combi-weapons list.
• This model may replace its power sword with a chainfist, a storm shield or an item from the
Terminator Melee Weapons list.
• This model may replace both it’s Stormbolter and Power sword with a pair of Lightning Claws.
• This model may replace its Stormbolter and Power sword with a Thunderhammer and Storm shield.
(Maybe even havin a choice of being one of the other types of TDA.)

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