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Index Astartes: Banished Brigade

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Bruce Malcom

Bruce Malcom


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Index Astartes

The <<Banished Brigade>> Space Marines Chapter

Banished Brigade Space Marine (Thanks to Brother Cambrius)


<<After facing off against the Green Tide, a Space Marine Captain inherited the role of Chapter Master after his dead friend. This new Chapter Master made a deal with a radical and power hungry Inquisitor, who sought to control an entire Space Marine Chapter. After espionage, assassinations, and more, Captain Validor of the Second Company inherited the role from the previous Chapter Master after discovering the Cold War between their chapter and the Inquisitor's forces. This true successor saved whoever was loyal to the chapter and their honor, and retook a Long Serpent vessel and embarked upon an exodus... >>

Banished Brigade Scout Marine


A Scout Marine of the Banished Brigade. Sometimes they are fresh recruits...other times unfinished due to lack of resources. Being on the run is a stressful life.
Home World/Homeworld
<<Their Ship acts as their homeworld. It's a tough and durable Long Serpent upgraded and expanded over the course of six to seven hundred years of service under the Chapter's command. It's armed with double the weapons a Long Serpent should have, and it's size has been increased by a few thousand kilometers and the hull strengthened after hundreds of years of constant service.>>

Banished Brigade Terminator

Only two Banished Brigade Terminators exist, and one of those suits is stolen from the Blood Angels.
Combat Doctrine
<<They tend to attack when they can and surgically striking the source of a problem, like saving star systems by protecting a single Agri-World and other similar situations. They try to not use sheer numbers or firepower to succeed, due to their lack of both. Instead, they try (and usually do) to think and use tactics to win.>>

Special Ops Banished Brigade Space Marine

A Special Operations Marine. Those who have proven their worth are given the armor and rank of a Spec Ops Marine. Usually used for raids and other stealth missions.
<<It functions off of traditional Chapter organization, with nine companies and one scout company. However, their Chapter-Master is decided by who the previous one chose to be their heir. Their original Chapter Master, however, has not died yet. He had controlled the Chapter for a couple hundred years. >>

Assault Ops Banished Brigade Space Marines

The Assault Operations Marine is the highest rank a standard marine could achieve before ranking up to leader status. A rare sight, an Assault Operations Marine is. Only forty to sixty of them exist at a time.
<<They are a bit more lenient on Omnisessiah Worship, and actively accept worship of the Machine God and Emperor. Their Warrior Cult reflects this.>>

Brigade Guardsman

Those mortals who wish to fight alongside the Banished Brigade but are too old to risk a geneseed are usually equipped with scavenged gear off planets they've campaigned on. They are about as heroic, brave, and well-trained as a Guardsman could get, but only to make up for the low-quality gear and low numbers.
<<They are technically still Ultramarines, and as such don't have that many mutations, and the ones they do are minor.>>

Battle-cry/Battlecry/Chapter Motto
<<"Even While Banished, We Still FIGHT FOR THE EMPEROR!">>

Banished Brigade Space Marine
The standard, non-Codex Compliant Marine. These make up the bulk of the chapter and are well known for their out-of-the-box strategies.

<<Rules coming soon/never, until I grab a Codex>>

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