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=][= Responsive feedback =][=

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Please provide feedback on the adjustments to the default theme's responsive elements here. This is for technical feedback to assist in bug fixing only; so please only post a report of a problem found, and a response if there are any questions pertaining to it - please do not post anything else, to help keep this focused on bugs only.


The things I'm looking for are direct problems or issues with the theme on hand held devices regarding the initial phase which is aimed at roughly larger tablet sized devices (changes down to 900px width), so please do not provide any mobile feedback. The type of things I'm looking for are:

  • General appearance
  • All functionality present and accessible (e.g. normally hover elements on desktop)
  • Any structure gone squiffy

Things that will help me:

  • The page you were on (not necessarily the URL, the page template also i.e. "home page", "topic page", "more reply options post page" etc)
  • The device/browser/etc you're using (this site can provide all these details)
  • Screen shots (especially!)

As the current phase is looking at the larger tablets I'm not too concerned about anything for smaller tablets yet, but for normal/medium sized tablets notes would be useful to help plan the next round of changes. Thanks in advance thumbsup.gif

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