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+++ Muster of the Unforgiven +++

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Some progress on my vow.  Just some assembly steps completed.  Need some advice though.


Do I:


  1. Fully assemble the interior so I can heat it all and bend to shape in 1 go, then paint.
  2. Half assemble the interior and potentially have to heat/shape twice, but paint easier.
  3. Leave as is and paint all of the interior separately then fully assemble/heat but have to touch up a fair bit after.




I totally understand that you want to paint the interior, but it's a lot of punishment for little satisfaction. After all, you're only going to show the interior to people when they have a genuine interest in your painting. And you'll only say once: 'Check it out, I even painted the interior!' Then you'll never show it again to that person. Painted the interiors of my first two tanks, I glued the rest shut after some major issues with the final fit of my second tank. Since you're working with resin, save your mental health and glue that bastard shut.

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@ Arkley - Oh balls, pressure increases.


@GreyRavenC - I hear ya.  I've 90% decided to do a quick job on the interior and go from there.  I could glue it shut.... I'd feel dirty though, even for a Dark Angel.

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