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Death Guard as complimentary/supplementary forces

- - - - - competitive death guard soup allies lists

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Bloody Legionnaire

Bloody Legionnaire


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After looking at an interview on youtube where Jim Vesal discussed his chaos lists that won a few first places at top tables and reading through these lists on spikeybits: https://spikeybits.c...s-jan-2019.html


I've noticed that TS seem to be the go to for complimenting and supplementing various Chaos/Chaos soup lists. A lot of that revolves around psychic support that TS brings to the table and the synergies that come along with that.

Do you think Death Guard offer anything as a compliment or supplement along side other CSM/Daemons/varieties of chaos soups, in the same way that TS does?


If so, what would you say our contributions would be?


I currently have a Death Guard Army and I'm starting up a Black Legion Army with the new CSM release. Considering some of the new units and rules (particularly Abaddon). Are there any competitive combinations possible between DG and BL?





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I tend to stick to mono armies personally.

I play DG, BA and renegade knights...but I have just started some nurgle daemons as I figured they have probably the best synergy with DG (although my experience is far more limited than others).

I have 3 heralds (poxbringers), Epi, about 40 Plague bearers, 12 nurglings and 6 plague drones another Daemon prince, my GUO and a glotkin I plan to convert into rotigus.

Sigh...more plastic to paint lol





Armies:  Blood Angels, Death Guard, Nurgle Daemons, Renegade Knights.




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Interesting post. I have just bought Abbadon and two units of Havocs, Im planning on doing a DG/BL army. Im not a very competitive player, but I would be very interested in getting the best out of this particular soup.

Lets see what we can think of?




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In truth it's all about how you play and what you want to accomplish. T-sons offer the tzangor bomb and some of the best psychic support in the game. That's why it is such a go to ally.

The thing about nurgle is the resiliency of the army. Plague marines in cover are a very tough unit to move unless you dedicate strong AP to remove it, or multiple damage weapons, because that's how you deal with death guard.

Alternatively Plaguebearers from the daemon codex are the better option because they have numbers and a 5++/5+++ and -1 to hit at high numbers compared to cultists or poxwalkers.

In my opinion the best units from the DG codex are the Daemon Princes for resilient character killers / elite killers. Followed by blightlord terminators for their effectiveness in the three main phases for an infantry unit. Shooting, melee, and staying power.

So ultimately the strengths of the DG are all about weathering the storm and holding objectives which things like nurglings and plague bearers do better in my opinion as far as allies go.

So in the end you need to ask yourself, what can DG do better than T-sons or Daemons? Then ask why, and do the pros outweigh the cons.
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Death Guard have fantastic vehicles in the form of Bloat Drones, PBCs and Dreadnought variants. Outside of those units they aren't really competetive. 1k sons smite spam battery is a great tool box plug in for chaos that also fills in several weaknesses in chaos lists which is why you see them so often.
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