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Lord Leviathan: Unique Fallen Knight of Nurgle

- - - - - Renegade Knights Questor Traitoris Nurgle Imperial Knights Dark Mechanicus

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Zephaniah Adriyen

Zephaniah Adriyen


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I make this note to ensure the preservation of the knowledge of the events leading up to Lord Altair III's fall, in order to better prevent such failures from occurring in the future. Omnissiah willing, the current Princeps, Lady Lucienne Astor, will not fall to the temptations of the Dark Gods as Lord Altair did. In addition, I am doing this with the direct permission of Princeps Lucienne, which I have acquired both in writing and verbally.


In late M41, Lord Altair II, then-Princeps, fell in battle to a Thousand Sons warband led by Exalted Sorcerer Asromiamun. His faithful armor and its then-loyal Machine Spirit, known as Leviathan, was recovered intact and repaired by myself and my then-apprentice, Enginseer Elias Traze, along with a team of servitors. Lord Altair III was just coming upon his Ritual of Becoming, and claimed the Knight Leviathan, as well as the throne of Princeps. Contrary to Lord Altair III's wishes, his predecessor had named Lady Lucienne as his successor, not Lord Altair III.


In the various arbitrations lead by the various Barons of House Astor, there was much argument over the House's own traditions. Lady Lucienne would have been the first female Princeps of House Astor, and Lord Altair III was the firstborn of Lord Altair II. However, the fallen Princeps himself had named Lady Lucienne as his successor, against tradition. In the end, it was determined that Lady Lucienne would become Princeps, due to Lord Altair II's own order.


Lord Altair III, in an act of hatred and jealousy toward his sister, attempted to poison her to death at her own coronation with a toxin of Chaotic origin, acquired from captured heretics whose public executions had not come to pass, in exchange for freedom. He failed, and was discovered almost immediately. He was brought up on trial and exiled. However, Leviathan itself, as well as my former apprentice, Elias, fought to preserve his status. In the end, the three were driven out of the Ragnarus sector aboard a Cultist-controlled ship formerly employed by Lord Altair III as his personal vessel.


Elias, Leviathan, Lord Altair III and a small crew of hull-riding Cultists now harass House Astor's actions throughout nearby regions, as well as the actions of Forge World Ragnarus and the Crimson Knights Chapter. They go by the unified name of "Lord Leviathan", and have succumbed fully to the temptations of the Dark Gods, Leviathan's hull being reported as having grown large amounts of plant life as well as having its four Chaotic Attendants, including Elias himself.





Lord Leviathan was just a little idea I had when looking over the Renegade Knight. I'm able to get a decent deal on an Imperial Knight from a friend of mine, and I'll be modelling this thing eventually. Came up with some cool fluff for him, too.

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Wolf Lord Loki

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Soon you may get some dedicated rules from the new Chaos Knights codex teased by GW that you can use to make it proper nurgley
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