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Games Workshop - Contrast and Paint?

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On a more positive note I actually think these will be really good through an airbrush. From what I've seen it behaves differently by air to by hand, but the thinness, smoothness and subtle translucency makes me think it'll be really, really useful for airbrush painters for getting certain effects- plus, the fact it works like a clear paint if painted over, say, Leadbelcher, but dries like a regular (if slightly satin) paint over flat colours will give it huge versatility.


Sorry, i disagree with that. I use my airbrush alot for painting and i cant see a single thing for the contrast paints being a preferable solution. Except for being available in GW stores.

There are enough options that you wont need those colors for airbrushing and most airbrushers would have a solution altready for what they use.

The only time i would buy them for use in an airbrush is, when i want a specific shade of color that only GW offers.




Not that i think the colors are bad or plain useless for an experienced painter, but i havent seen a single thing of this paints that makes me want to use them in my airbrush.

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The one advantage of Contrast as a clear or candy coat through an airbrush is the larger range of what, 34 colours, and that you might already have it for use with a brush. Tamiya does I think only 4 clears, minitaire 12 ghost tints, createx 17 candy2o, and warcolours 20 transparents. If I was buying clears for intentional airbrush use, such as for a tinted metallic scheme across an army, I'd definitely go for a paint ideal for that use such as a warcolours transparent over zenithal vallejo metal color metallics. If I'm knocking out a one-off, and I had a suitable Contrast to hand? Eh, why not.

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It seems things are getting rather heated in here. As such, we're going to take a little break.

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