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The Great Mordian Restoration Project!

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Mordian Glory

Mordian Glory


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Armies that rely on a certain phase almost exclusively tend to have difficult early games that can make or break it, I think of my poor Daemons army that spends the first turn or two getting kicked in before you can finally start your plans and such. Then you're almost racing to convert the game into a win as the turns count down sweat.gif If you can deliver enough damage quickly enough you can usually do well enough though, and it sounds like you had that so a good list and plan for it thumbsup.gif


Such is the nature of the game, in cases like there where you can expect to reliably pull ahead once you remove your opponent's gambits that of course means your game rests on that prevention - a wily opponent who can keep pressing for long enough will be all but assured victory, and some armies will naturally be better at this than others. The game would be boring without such events right? msn-wink.gif


Indeed! I really like that style of game where it feels you manage to pull it back despite the odds, it just seems very Guard-like :) 

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"I once gave the order to one of my platoons to fix bayonets and charge a squad of genestealers. If they believed in the emperor hard enough they could win... I don't think they believed enough..."



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