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1000 points Vior'la for local tournament

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I'm taking part in my first 40k tournament in juat under two weeks time. In general its supposed to be pretty friendly but I'm sure a few people will take exception to this.

Anyway, the general rules are 1k points, one detachment and the rule of two (except for troops and dedicated transports), no named characters and on a 4x4 board. I'll be playing four missions, and they'll be a mixture from the rule book and both Chapter Approved. Given that there will be quite a bit of objective secured, I wanted a focus on flexible and fast units that can shift targets off of an objective. In my mind Vior'la are perfect for that (Plus my Tau are painted in the white Vior'la scheme)

I've developed a list but I'm not 100% settled on it. I definitely want to take Breachers and Stealth Suits to benefit from the shoot twice strat. I want to take a Devilfish as protection for the Breachers and accompanying Ethereal. Finally a Coldstar seems to make sense so I can advance around the board and take out high value targets. Any advice or comments on the list would be appreciated. Potentially I could bring in a Riptide, Ghostkeel, two Broadsides or some Piranhas.

Tau Battalion - 996 pts
Vior'la Sept
1 x Ethereal - 45pts
1 x Cadre Fireblade (Warlord: Academy Luminary, Signature System: Puretide Engram Chip) - 42pts
1 x Coldstar Commander (3x Fusion, 1x shield generator) - 152pts

1 x 10 man Breacher Team (1 Shas'ui) - 70pts
1 x 5 man Strike Team (1 Shas'ui with markerlight) - 38pts
1 x 5 man Strike Team (1 Shas'ui with markerlight) - 38pts

1 x Firesight Marksman - 25pts
1 x 6 Stealth Suit squad and 1 shield drone (1 Shas'vre) (all with burst cannon and ATS) - 214pts
1 x 3 Crisis Suits and 4 gun drones (1 Shas'vre with 2x CIB & 1x MP. 1 Shas'ui with 1x CIB, 1x MP & shield generator. 1 Shas'ui with 2x CIB, 1x MP & Iridium Suit) - 274pts

Dedicated Transport:
1 x Devilfish with 2 gun drones - 98 pts

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