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New Chaos Knights Teaser

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Is that supposed to affect only one single die, or any/all of the dice? This isn't the first time I've found GW's use of the singular frustrating - it come up in one of the new Vigilus Ablaze chaos legion's rules as well.

Rules as Intended I think it's clear it's every roll. Rules as worded is unclear. I would err on the side of it NOT being a single hit roll but all the hit rolls in an attack. Luckily GW is good with FAQs and rules clarifying in 8th edition.





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That's each die. "When resolving an attack," it says. Each shot is a separate attack.


The core rules are actually pretty precise in the language they use when describing how firing and melee is resolved. The key principle is that an attack is a single to-hit roll (even when firing a weapon with multiple attacks) and that each attack is fully resolved before making the next. Batch rolling is a convenience when doing so won't result in ambiguous situations or otherwise play out differently depending on the order of the attacks.

Keeping those principles in mind will make it a lot easier to parse rules of various units and abilities. In this case, the confusion stems from us as players using "attack" colloquaily to mean "My unit X attacks your unit Y" or "This model attacks with this gun" and so forth, when the rules actually say you are choosing a unit to shoot/fight, then choosing one or more target units, etc.




This. It's clear if you are familiar with the wording in the core rules. Doesn't need a FAQhappy.png

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It’s not worth the command points if it’s a single shot and you can just use the reroll strat for 1 cp.
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Since this is out, it's time to lock this thread up and take the discussion to the Lost and the Damned forum.
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