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GSC 2k Competitive

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Hey all thought I would share a list I've been running lately for competitive play;


GSC Battalion - <Cult of the Four-Armed Emp>

Deliverance Broodsurge -1CP


Acolyte Iconward (Field Commander -1CP - Augur of the Insurgent, Relic - Icon Ascendant)

Patriarch (Warlord - Alien Majesty)

20 Acolytes (Icon, 3 Saws, 3 Cutters)

10 Acolytes (4 Demo charges)

10 Brood Brothers


Sanctus (Sniper)

GSC Battalion - <Twisted Helix>


10 Brood Brothers

10 Brood Brothers

10 Brood Brothers

BB HWT - 3 Mortars

BB HWT - 3 Mortars

BB HWT - 3 Mortars


9 Abberants (Hypermorph - 5 Picks, 4 Hammers)

GSC Battalion - <Hive Fleet Kraken>


20 Genestealers (5 Acid Maws)

10 Genestealers (2 Acid Maws)

3 Ripper Swarms


This list aims to maximize assault from underground. Deploying via markers is typically the Brood Brothers, Sanctus and Broodlords. Aberrants and Saw/Cutter Acolytes go underground via They Came From Below to bridge the 50% non-reserves. Genestealers will deploy via infestation nodes if going second or vs a shooty army thats unlikely to advance (* I usually find this is the best option)

Turn one is hard to score points - best is to mortar an area clear for reinforcements to arrive. Brood Brothers can trade shots with enemy screens but mainly to shield the Broodlords and grab objectives. Sanctus Perfect Ambushes for two shots maybe pick off an unwary character.


Turn 2 is all out - Perfect Ambush typically goes to Aberrants, Saw Acolytes make use of Augur Iconward & Clamavus, Demo Acolytes use Lying in Wait & Extra Explosives. Aberrants / Abominant might stay underground unless a high priority target is available.

Turn 3 Second wave is the Broodlords / Genestealers using the Kraken advance trait - big squad using Opportunistic Advance & Overrun strats (if applicable). Rippers are typically there to shield the Broodlords from sniping from behind by flyers/deep strikers.


I really like the Kraken element - much more diverse than GSC Purestrains and super fast. Broodlords cant be understated - psyker, great Genestealer buffs and theyre butchers in close combat. Being single models its easy to orchestrate assaults from around corners out of LOS and deny overwatch. Dont forget Feeder Tendrils for free CP and Caustic Blood.

Infestation Node placement is important if going second - you get four Nodes; place 2 in forward positions and 2 in rear positions, ideally behind GSC units. You want to layer these ideally to keep enemy units 9" away and safe from deep strikes. T1 deploy is an option but not recommended vs shooty armies.

Overall a fairly significant psychic phase here - Broodlords / Abominant debuff enemy psykers and Magus can pass around Deny rolls.
Broodlords I typically favor Catalyst for the Genies and The Horror to strengthen Mental Onslaught on the Patriarch.

Hopefully this will help anyone looking to have actual Genestealers in their cult lists. Critique welcome!




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