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1500 pts to Face Off Space Wolves

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Hello there friends!


Like the title suggests, list is for a fluffy epic showdown between myself and my friends 1500 points of Space Wolves. Obviously this list is intended to be somewhat fluffy but also a little bit on the competitive side.


-Battalion Detachment-


Ahriman on Disc w:/ Helm of the Third Eye. Powers: Death Hex, Diabolical Strength and Doombolt.


Exalted Sorcerer w:/ Force Stave. Powers: Prescience and Warptime.



(10) Rubric Marines w:/ Force Stave and Soulreaper Cannon. Power: Weaver of Fates.


(10) Rubric Marines w:/ Force Stave and Soulreaper Cannon. Power: Tzeentch's Firestorm.


(10) Rubric Marines w:/ Force Stave and Soulreaper Cannon. Power: Temporal Manipulation.


(30) Tzaangors w:/ Blades and Greyhorn.



Helbrute w:/ Helbrute Fist, Heavy Flamer and Twin-Lascannon.


Tzaangor Shaman w:/ Force Stave and Dark Matter Crystal. Power: Glamour of Tzeentch.


Fast Attack

(3) Tzazngor Enlightened w:/ Fatecaster Greatbows.


Heavy Support

Maulerfiend w:/ Lasher Tendrils



I think I did a pretty good job of balancing the unit choices. The powers also have some really cool overlap/synergy potential for buffs, debuffs and mortal wounds.


Delivery System for the Tzazngors will be webway. The Maulerfiend will move up supported by Ahriman and potentially a Rubric squad. The rest will act as a gunline with the Enlightened harassing on the flank supported by the shaman. Once the 30 man unit drops, I can use the dark matter crystal to "teleport" the shaman to them for support.


Total 1495 CP: 8 (-1)






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  • Faction: All Heretic Astartes

I am not a huge fan of use helbrutes with a twin lascannon and fist for my TS. I would either go missile launcher lascannon, or double melee... I would drop the helbrute personally and add more enlightened with bows, or something else, like another mauler.


3 enlightened with bows I feel will not do much for you, the more the better with them, at least when I have used them I have not done much with less than 9.


I do not think you can use DMC on the shaman because he is not infantry (because he is on a disk, I think they lose they "infantry" key word when they go on a disk -
I dont have my codex on me and it has been a month or 2 since I have looked at the TS codex). Also Ahriman can't take the helm of the 3rd eye because he is a named character - you can just put it on the exhalted sorc (named characters can't take relics).


You can also think about combining 2 10 man Rubrics into a 20 man and use the DMC on them, or put them in DS (I see you are putting the Tzaangors in DS).


I have a lot of fun playing rubrics, even though they are not the best choice, I enjoy it.

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