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2500 Point Emperors Children - Sky Hunter Phalanx

Emperors children Sky hunter Jetbike

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Hi all. I'm putting together a 2.5k Emperors Children list and this is the first iteration that I'm looking at. Hoping for some thoughts about how this RoW works or suggestions for how it could be improved!

++ Crusade (Legiones Astartes: Age of Darkness Army List) ++

+ HQ +

Praetor, Legion: Artificer Armour, Bolt Pistol, Digital Lasers, Iron Halo, Melta Bombs, Phoenix Spear, Sonic Shrieker
Scimitar Jetbike with Heavy Bolter

+ Elites +

Phoenix Terminator Squad: 4x Phoenix Terminators, Sonic Shriekers
Anvillus Pattern Dreadclaw Drop Pod:
Pheonix Champion: Grenade Harness

+ Troops +

Jetbike Sky Hunter Squadron, Legion , Compulsory: 4x Heavy Bolter, 2x Volkite Culverin
Additional Wargear: Melta Bombs
Extra combat weapon
Sky Hunter Sergeant: Bolt Pistol, Phoenix Spear

Jetbike Sky Hunter Squadron, Legion , Compulsory: 4x Heavy Bolter 2x Volkite Culverin
Additional Wargear: Melta Bombs
Extra combat weapoms
Sky Hunter Sergeant: Bolt Pistol, Phoenix Spear

Jetbike Sky Hunter Squadron, Legion , Compulsory: 2x Heavy Bolter, Plasma Cannon,
Extra combat weapons

+ Fast Attack +

Javelin Attack Speeder, x2: 2x Hunter-killer Missile, Multi-melta, Twin-linked Cyclone missile launcher

Land Speeder Squadron, Legion
Land Speeder x 3, Legion: Graviton Gun, 2x Hunter-killer Missile, Multi-melta

Primaris-Lightning Strike Fighter: 2x 2x Kraken Penetrator Heavy Missiles, Ground-tracking Auguries, Phosphex bomb cluster, Twin-linked Lascannon

+ Heavy Support +

Fire Raptor Gunship, Legion
Four wing-mounted:: Hellstrike Missiles
Two Independent Ball Turret-mounted:: Reaper Autocannon Battery

Jetbike Sky Slayer Support Squadron x 5, Legion: Multi-melta
Extra combat weapons

+ Allegiance +

Legion and Allegiance: III: Emperor's Children, Loyalist

Rite of War: Sky Hunter Phalanx




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i like this..everything seems fast and shooty, but i wonder what your thoughts were concerning the terminators, as other than the dreadclaw, they are in my experience slow and underwelming. have you considered rapier batteries or destroyers in the 'claw?




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Pretty sure the phoenix terms can't take an anvilus as dedicated just fyi

As far as the list itself, I like the idea. EC legion rules are geared for combat, yet jetbikes are gun platforms so not the best pairing but should be fun nonetheless

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