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Contrast Paint and Ork Boyz..?

contrast ork boyz speed painting

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Magos Takatus

Magos Takatus


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I tried some of the contrast paint yesterday on a poxwalker. That Blood Angels Red is a really nice colour. I can see them really helping some people. I think I'll stick to my existing method for painting Ork skin since using one contrast paint would be too uniform for my liking. I'd like to make sure of them but I don't know in what capacity yet.

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After trying them out for a bit... well, I guess you could say I'm not entirely sold. We who were there testing also agreed on Blood Angels Red being fairly good, various other colors were more hit & miss. How well they work really depend a lot on the color itself and the model. I liked a few different Lizardmen people did because of the scaly model worked well with the paints.

On my own part I did the skin of a bomb squig with the BAR, and it's quite nice. Perhaps a light drybrush of a brighter red and it'll be fine for the red parts. I think I might do my Skitarii and Vostroyan red clothing with the BAR going forward.

But for my orks... I dunno. I didn't have the darker brown to try out, but didn't like Snakebite Leather that much. To look somewhat like I wanted it to, it needed like 3 layers, at which point might just as well use the "classic" method because there's not much difference in speed. Speaking of which, since the contrast paints are runny, one thing that slows the process down is that you run over "lines" all the time, assuming you don't intend for the whole model to actually be painted in that one color. So you gotta do quite a bit of touching up.


You can get quite funky metallics if you paint contrast on top of a metallic base color, though. Just not a very orky thing, at least for clothes.

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