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tribune or valdor?

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The tribune is tankier and costs less points, while valdor is more killy





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All in all, they're rather similar except for as you say the tribune brings a 3++ for defence while Valdor has the insanity of the Apollonian spear.


Valdor's Warlord trait however is pretty naff, saving not many points on some Deep Strike and a re-roll of seize the initiative. However the Tribune can pick from any of the Warlord trait tables which is pretty damn handy!


Ultimately, in a fight there is not many things that can survive against Valdor, he's only vulnerable if he gets bogged down in something like Firedrakes or is against one of the massive new Daemons (or a Primarch... And even then). Whereas a Tribune can bring versatility and the ability to tank most anything thrown at him.

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