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1250 Emperors Children tournament list July 6 2019

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Hey guys


So I haven't been active in a while (work, life commitments, etc...), but I've still been painting and playing the odd game once in a while. 

Anyway, I'm about to play my first tournament in over a year. And I figured I'd take my emperor's chirrens out for a spin.


I have a vast collection of chaos models (CSM and daemons), barring anything nurgle, because i'm primarily a tzeentch player, and i really dont like Nurgle's aesthetic.


So, this tourney is geared towards collecting points, such as holding objectives and the like. Tabling opponents early on means less points and therefore, a lower tournament ranking.


Without further ado:


1250 list


Emperors Children Batallion:

HQ 180 pts

Daemon Prince of Slaanesh- Wings, Prescience, Malefic Talons x 2


HQ 100 pts

Dark Apostle- Slaanesh, Warpsight Plea


TROOPS 111 pts

Noise Marines- 1 Noise Champion with Sonic Blaster, 3 Noise Marines with Sonic Blasters, 1 Noise Marine with Blastmaster


TROOPS 111 pts

Noise Marines- 1 Noise Champion with Sonic Blaster, 3 Noise Marines with Sonic Blasters, 1 Noise Marine with Blastmaster


TROOPS 111 pts

Noise Marines- 1 Noise Champion with Sonic Blaster, 3 Noise Marines with Sonic Blasters, 1 Noise Marine with Blastmaster



Havocs- 1 Aspiring Champion, 4 Havocs with Lascannons, Mark of Slaanesh



Havocs- 1 Aspiring Champion, 4 Havocs with Autocannons, Mark of Slaanesh



Obliterators- 3 Obliterators, Mark of Slaanesh


Total 1250 pts


So, obviously, this is a list geared towards long range and midrange shooting. the noise boys can handle hordes and their blastmasters can help with elite units too.


The havocs will be buffed by the dark apostle and the daemon prince who are going to hang back and deter any assaults.


The Oblits are going to deepstrike in and wipe out a priority target. I am tempted to pay a CP for devastation battery detachment to give the havocs access to punishing volley if i dont go first, but thats an expense of 2 CP which might otherwise be used for VOTLW and Endless cacophony.


so... C and C welcome. Please and thank you in advance.






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The biggest issue I see with your list is a lack of charge and smite mitigation. You're running MSU units, so smiting/mortal wounds are going to chew through them pretty quick, and the only thing you have to tie up an assault is going to be that DP.  Given that you're rocking blastmasters, I think you could get away with dropping the Autocannon havocs, as well as the wings on the DP.  Use those points to either take some cultists or spawn to tar pit enemy assaults/screen for smite so they can eat up those mortal wounds thumbsup.gif

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Just Alexis

Just Alexis


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I would try out having a Chaos Lord in the new Devastation Battery, re-roll 1s on hitting, and re-roll wounds when wounding vehicles, and you also also pick 1 Devastation Unit at the start of the shooting phase to ignore shooting into cover.

Yes this does cost abit of CP to do, but i say its very worth it.

And myself i would go with missile launchers since they can kill mass units and tanks.

and yeah no point to having wings on DP if its only one that can move up at that speed, its got base 8" move without wings already.

my Chaos Space Marine 1750pts ITC list <3

Verbal Underbelly

Verbal Underbelly


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I'd also mix your havocs so you have 2 lascannon and 2 auotcannon in each. You've got split fire built in in 8th edition a d this will give you flexibility with casualty removal.

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