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Competitive List - Deathwatch, Cadians and Wolves

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This is a variation on the list that came 2nd in the Spring Hull GT, quickly pictured in the APG video for best armies of April. I like that it includes Wolves instead of Knights and when it was posted recently on Reddit (r/WarhammerCompetitive/), people mentioned it wouldn't do very well against CW Flyer spam and DE, but should be fine against Guard and Knights.


My thoughts are that 3 units of Wulfen is probably overkill for the melee beatstick role and that not having any ranged anti-vehicle is a liability. Ideally more anti-vehicle weaponry is required with the recent FAQ as we will see more multiple Knight lists instead of just a single 3++ Castellan. In an attempt to play around with the list makeup to compensate, I ended up using Intercessors instead of Veterans and swapped in a Deredeo for a unit of Wulfen.


There is a lot less 3++, but I feel it is more adaptable to different armies as a result.



++ Battalion Detachment +5CP (Imperium - Deathwatch) [50 PL, 897pts, 7CP] ++


Armory of the Watch Fortress (1 Relic) [-1CP]
Battle-forged CP [3CP]
Detachment CP [5CP]


+ HQ +


Librarian with Jump Pack [7 PL, 124pts]
. Force stave, Jump Pack, Storm Bolter
. Librarius: 2) Might of Heroes, 6) Null Zone


Watch Master [7 PL, 130pts]

. Relic: Tome of the Ectoclades


+ Troops +


Intercessors [16 PL, 281pts]
. 4x Hellblaster: Plasma incinerator
. Inceptor: 2x Plasma Exterminator
. 4x Intercessor: Bolt rifle
. Intercessor Sergeant: Bolt rifle, Chainsword, Auxiliary Grenade Launcher


Intercessors [9 PL, 173pts]
. Aggressor: Auto Boltstorm Gauntlets, Fragstorm Grenade Launchers
. Reiver: Bolt Carbine, Grapnel Launcher
. 5x Intercessor: Auto Bolt rifle
. Intercessor Sergeant: Auto Bolt rifle, Chainsword, Auxiliary Grenade Launcher


Intercessors [11 PL, 189pts]
. Inceptor: Two Assault Bolters
. 7x Intercessor: Bolt rifle
. Intercessor Sergeant: Bolt rifle, Chainsword, Auxiliary Grenade Launcher



++ Battalion Detachment +5CP (Imperium - Astra Militarum) [13 PL, 195pts, 5CP] ++


Detachment CP [5CP]
Regimental Doctrine: Regiment: Cadian


+ HQ +


2x Company Commander [2 PL, 30pts]
. Chainsword, Laspistol


+ Troops +


3x Infantry Squad [3 PL, 45pts]
. 7x Guardsman
. Heavy Weapon Team: Mortar
. Sergeant: Laspistol



++ Vanguard Detachment +1CP (Imperium - Space Wolves) [49 PL, 908pts, 1CP] ++


Detachment CP [1CP]


+ HQ +


Rune Priest [7 PL, 131pts]
. Jump Pack, Psychic hood, Storm bolter, Runic axe, Relic: The Armour of Russ
. Warlord: Saga of the Wolfkin
. Tempestus: 2. Tempest's Wrath, 4. Fury of the Wolf Spirits


Wolf Priest [6 PL, 108pts]
. Jump Pack, Storm Bolter, Power fist


+ Elites +


Relic Deredeo Dreadnought [14 PL, 217pts]
Aiolos missile launcher, Anvillus autocannon battery, Twin heavy bolter


2x Wulfen [11 PL, 226pts]
. Wulfen: Great frost axe
. 3x Wulfen: Thunder Hammer and Storm Shield
. Wulfen Pack Leader: Frost claws



++ Total: [112 PL, 2,000pts, 13CP] ++



You can always use Keen Senses to ignore modifiers on the Deredeo when he moves. It could also be a good option when near the Rune Priest to use Chooser of the Slain, particularly because Helical Targeting Array can be activated at the start of the opponents turn. Depending on the setup, you could advance it on turn 1 with the Wulfen, then pop smoke. Combined with the Rune Priest and Strategem, it could have a 2+, 5++ and -2 to hit (-3 on their key unit). Flanked by the Wulfen with 3++, 5+++, -1 to hit (-2 on their key unit).


That Rune Priest will complete the Saga in the first round of combat if he has Fury of the Wolf Spirits active. Once complete, the Wulfen all get an extra attack with full hit re-rolls from the Wolf Priest (who can also heal them and lend his leadership). Rune Priest can also heroically intervene if Wulfen get charged and the Armour of Russ means the opponent will fight last.


The thinking with the Intercessors was to have an anti-vehicle unit that can deepstrike into range (and use a strat to give them a wound bonus), supported by 2 anti-infantry units, the one with an Aggressor will advance up the board and shoot without penalties, the other will drop into rapid fire range with the Watch Master and Plasma squad. Tome of the Ectoclades allows the Watch Master to give the Plasmas a wound re-roll for vehicles while the other units focus on infantry.

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