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T'au Army - borderlands style- Hyperion themed

Tau borderlands cell shading Hyperion ork_paintboy

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not sure if any T'au players have seen this super Cool cool.png and inspirational army! wub.gif

It's done in Borderlands style(cell shading) in the colour scheme of the Hyperion Faction(well chosen), i was trolling around looking for cool pics for my idea's book when i stumbled on this guys work!! 

His name over on Instagram is : ork_paintboy and his work is stellar, i just had to show it here as it blew me away!!

enough blabbering and gushing praise..on to the pics...








this is just a few of the pics... enjoy this awesome army!!


Cheers, Mithril

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gallery_70393_10089_1851.png gallery_48988_6285_17537.pnggallery_6494_6331_8260.pnggallery_48988_15465_40221.png  gallery_48988_15465_18945.png



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Magos Takatus

Magos Takatus


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I've been watching this unfold on Instagram and it's mighty impressive. It's a good job he didn't theme it around the Jakobs brand. Nobody needs to paint that much wooden paneling in an army! :P


It's interesting to look at since it's impossible to put edge highlights along the panel lines due to the cel shading effect. I painted some of my Flash Gits based on the Torgue colour scheme but I didn't go the whole way and paint the black lines in.


It's a shame this painter doesn't appear to be on B&C, I'll have to congratulate him on Instagram.

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Funnily enough a friend of mine texted me the other day with these tau. They look great. 


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