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2000 point list for mini-tournament

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Hey all!


This weekend I'm taking part in a 4 player round-robin with some friends. It's only an informal tournament but I'm still aiming to win glory in the name of Sanguinius! I used this list in a game yesterday evening and it worked brilliantly, but I expect it could still use some ironing out so if you have any criticism please do let fly!


The basic plan is to use Slamguinius and the Librarian Dreadnought as a turn 1 alpha strike using Forlorn Fury and Wings of Sanguinius to get them up the board together. The Dreadnought can then buff himself with the Quickening whilst Slamguinius can use Red Rampage. The Stormraven, carrying the DC Dread, will fly up with them, using its Assault Cannons and Hurricane Bolters to clear away any chaff and its multi-melta and stormstrike missiles to hopefully put some holes in vehicles. 


The Sternguard Veterans and the Devastators can sit at the back of the board with the Lieutenant and the Captain blasting away at infantry and tanks alike, and they should be able to defend themselves if anyone comes after them. The Scouts are there for board control and harassment purposes. 


Once turn two rolls around the DC Dread will disembark from the (hopefully still alive) Stormraven and Lemartes will drop down with the Death Company, taking advantage of Fury Unbound and Descent of Angels to get into the fight. This will reinforce the attack and hopefully rip the heart out of my opponent's army.






Captain w/Jump Pack, Thunder Hammer and Storm Shield (WL Trait: Artisan of War, Relic: Angel’s Wing, Stratagem: Death Visions of Sanguinius) – 124


Librarian Dreadnought w/Meltagun – 166




5 Scouts w/Boltgun x 3, Bolt Pistol, Chainsword and Missile Launcher – 75


5 Scouts w/Boltgun x 3, Bolt Pistol, Chainsword and Heavy Bolter – 65


5 Scouts w/Bolt Pistols and Combat Blades – 55


Heavy Support


8 Devastators w/Armorium Cherub, Lascannon x 2 and Missile Launcher x 2 – 199






Captain w/Relic Blade and Master Crafted Boltgun – 86


Lieutenant w/Chainsword and Plasma Pistol – 65




5 Scouts w/Boltgun x 3, Heavy Bolter, Chainsword and Bolt Pistol – 65


5 Scouts w/Boltgun x 3, Heavy Bolter, Chainsword and Bolt Pistol – 65


5 Scouts w/Boltgun x 3, Heavy Bolter, Chainsword and Bolt Pistol – 65




Stormraven Gunship w/Twin Assault Cannon, Twin Multi-Melta, and Hurricane Bolters – 338


Vanguard Detachment




Lemartes – 100




10 Death Company w/Jump Packs, Power Sword x 4, Power Maul x 2, Power Fist x 2, Chainsword x 2 – 242


9 Sternguard Veterans w/Special Issue Boltguns – 144


Death Company Dreadnought w/Blood Talons and Heavy Flamer x 2 – 143



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