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Small List Suggestions

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Hey all! I'm interested in building a 500 point Ork army for some test runs. I was hoping you might have some suggestions on units to run. I'm not looking to win, just hoping to build something that will give a good feel for the army.


I would like to go CC-focused, so I was thinking Evil Sunz for the movement/charge bonuses. 30 choppa Boyz, a Weirdboy to throw them across the board. Maybe some Nobz or Tankbustas for a little more punch?


I'd appreciate any advice you might have. Thanks!






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30 boyz and a Weirdboy are already going to be a pretty strong force against anything anyone else can field at 500 points. I would include a Warboss, so you can advance and charge with the boyz, as well as use him for opening whatever armor your opponents can bring at 500. After that, I'd say fill however you want. A few Mek Gunz, grots, a cheaper Nob unit, all would fit around one large boy mob pretty well.




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I agree with Toaae.  As far as Nobz or Tankbustas I wouldn't use them in a small force as they are not point cheap you really need as many bodies as you  can field. 

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