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Iron Warriors 750 point mini tournament

Iron Warriors Mini Tournament

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At the end of July, I am going to be attending a mini tournament at a local gaming store and as the title suggests, the points limit is 750 points. I'm at a debate at this point as I have two lists but built around either using the Patrol detachment, or the Battalion detachment. The list also focuses around the Shadowspear box set as it's the first models I have for the Iron Warriors army.


I'll post two lists and just wanted to get everyone's feedback on either, and whether you'd suggest running something different. 


Onto the lists.


Idea 1 (Patrol detachment)



Chaos Lord 100 points

Plasma Pistol, Thunder Hammer




Chaos Space Marine unit 1 160 points

Aspiring Champion and 9 Chaos Space Marines. Reaper Chaincannon, flamer and champion carries power maul and bolt pistol


Chaos Space Marine unit 2 161 points

Aspiring Champion and 9 Chaos Space Marines. Reaper Chaincannon, flamer and champion carries power axe and bolt pistol




Hellbrute 108 points

Plasma cannon and hellbrute fist with combi-bolter


Fast attack


Raptor squad 87 points

Raptor champion and 4 raptors. Champion has twin lightning claws


Heavy support


Venomcrawler 130 points


Total 746 points


Idea 2 (Battalion detachment)




Exalted Champion 82 points

Combi-flamer and power sword


Master of Possession 98 points




Chaos Space Marine squad 85 points

Aspiring champion and 4 Chaos Space Marines. Missile launcher, champion carries bolt pistol and chainsword


Chaos Space Marine squad 91 points

Aspiring champion and 4 Chaos Space Marines. Reaper Chaincannon, champion carries combi-bolter and power sword


Chaos Space Marine squad 81 points

Aspiring champion and 4 Chaos Space Marines. Autocannon, champion carries plasma pistol and chainaxe


Chaos Space Marine squad 94 points

Aspiring champion and 4 Chaos Space Marines. Missile Launcher, champion carries a power fist




Hellbrute 120 points

Twin-lascannon and missile launcher


Fast Attack


Raptor Squad 94 points

Raptor champion and 4 Raptors. 1 Meltagun and champion carries a power axe and bolt pistol


Total 745 points


And there are the two armies I have. I'm leaning more towards the second one as it's a mixture of both anti-infantry and anti-armour, but it all depends on what I go up against.

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my impressions:


1. Definetely go with a Battalion!


2. HQ choices: You can´t go wrong with a Chaos Lord for that reroll ones. Give him a Bolter of any kind to use the mortal wound stratagem on a 2-to-hit, rerolling ones character. 

If you´re heading towards a sorcerer, leave that Matser of Posession at home because you do not have that many units that can be supported by his spells. Instead I´d go with a sorcerer who is able to use Warptime, because that is one hell of a good power and can be used on Hellbrutes or Daemon Engines too! That can lead to some surprising moments...


3. Do not use more Marines than you´re forced to. 3 units of 5, nothing more. Champion´s equippment should compliment the special / heavy weapon loadout of the unit. For example: 5 Marines, heavy bolter, champ with combi bolter => max Dakka / low costs. 5 Marines, Plasmagun, Champ with Combi Plasma => good against elite infantry / light vehicles. 5 Marines, Lascannon, Champ with combibolter => las cannon fires at hard targets while all that light dakka fires at infantry.



I didn´t do the maths, but you should be able to run


Chaos Lord

Sorcer of any kind  OR   2nd Chaos Lord


3 units of 5 MArines, Champs with low equippment





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Do what Hannibal says but also add a jump pack to any Chaos Lord you run that you intend to get stuck in.  


And the Master of Possession sucks.  Do not take him.  

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