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Apocalypse vs Big Game of 40k

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Hi all,


This is half-question and half-thought-experiment:


Is there a game format that allows for large-scale 40k games (in 8th Ed terms, over 3000+ pts) yet also compensates for the disparity in units and game mechanics that such large size games often bring?


For example, first and foremost, I have found that one person's 5000pt list = 400 Tactical Marines while the the other person pulls out a Thunderhawk and Titan.


Secondly, I find that as games get bigger, so do the cracks in the foundation of the game start turning into chasms. For example, 8th Ed--even after many FAQs and updates--still suffers from Turn 1 win syndrome. Aka anything you want to die on Turn 1 will die. As games get bigger, what that means is you know have multiple Titans focus firing down the enemy one rather than just "the" Titan doing so, etc...Turn 1 Win Syndrome become more pronounced.


Now, there is clearly the Social Contract aspect to both of the above, aka talk with your opponent(s) to ensure expectations are aligned and everyone has conditions to have a good time.


But outside of that, are there official/unofficial versions of the game that help alleviate some of the above? I'm thinking almost like the Centurion format for 30k.


One idea some of us were kicking around is to limit the # of points worth of of models that each side can action in a given player turn. So, if you're field 5000pts, you can only use 2500pts of it per turn. To go along with this, the game would be extended to 9 Turns or so to compensate for this. Granted there is a bookkeeping element to only using half your army per turn, but that's a trade-off that seemed worth it.


Anyways, just curious what else is out there.



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Hi Indy!

I am currently waiting with sincere hope for the announced official Apocalypse game by GW, that should be an entire new "game" to play with lots of miniature to simulate affordable (in therms of time) BIG battles.

I really hope for something good, as I would really like a more abstract and fast game, with different turn sequence (I do not like the full turn "you go, I go" sequence, I like activation, my phase/your phase or even active/passive turn mechanics, from other games, GW or not)


So I have no variants in mind now, but maybe you did not know that GW has something about what you are saying already in delivery

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GW at WarhammerFest told us that casualty removal will be at the end of the game Turn, this allows both players to use their models for that turn.

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