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2K knights, Admech, Librarians

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So I’m toying with my 2K list for an upcoming tournament. Im trying to plug the psychic phase weakness of a normal knight list (I hate Eldar!) Please let me know what you would change, without further adieu.

Imperial Knights SHD (Krast)

Knight Castellan: 2 shieldbreaker missiles & 2 twin siegebreaker cannons; HL: Cawl’s Wrath; WL: Ion Bulwark 704

Knight Crusader: rapid-fire battle cannon; Gatling cannon, x2 heavy stubber; WL: First Knight
HL: headmans mark 478

Knight Gallant: reaper chainsword; thunderstrike gauntlet; heavy stubber; WL: Landstrider 352

Adeptus Mechanicus Battalion: (Graia)
Tech-priest Enginseer 30

Tech-priest Enginseer 30

5 Skitarii Rangers: Ranger Alpha; 4 Skitarii Rangers 35

5 Skitarii Rangers: Ranger Alpha; 4 Skitarii Rangers 35

5 Skitarii Rangers: Ranger Alpha; 4 Skitarii Rangers 35

Space Marines Supreme Command detatchment (raven guard) Librarian: force sword, bolt pistol 96

Librarian: Force Stave, bolt pistol 96

Librarian: force axe, bolt pistol 98

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