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Hammers of Russ

Space Wolves

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This is a list I made for fun and to scare a buddy.

Whole idea is to run the Cavalry and Land Raider up the field and drop off the terminator squad and HQ's, then deepstrike the other 2 squads, hoping to land that charge then wail on them with the might of Russ.
Every model has a Thunder Hammer and Storm Shield.

116 PL
5 CP
2000 PTS


+ HQ +
- Arjac Rockfist
- Edgar Ironshield, Wolf Lord in Terminator Armor

+ Fast Attack +
- Icetooth Maulers, 4x Thunderwolf Cavalry
- Ironjaw Raiders, 4x Thunderwolf Cavalry
- Redwolf Reivers, 3x Thunderwolf Cavalry


+ HQ +
- Valguard Skullcrusher, Wolf Guard Battle Leader in Terminator Armor, Warlord - Saga of the Wolfkin, The Wolfen Stone Artifact

+ Elites +
- Fenrir's Claw, Wolf Guard in Terminator Armor
- Hati's Tooth, Wolf Guard in Terminator Armor
- Slephnir's Chosen, Wolf Guard in Terminator Armor

+ Heavy Support +
- Spirit of Skoll, Land Raider Crusader (carries Fenrir's Claw and all HQ units)
Terror is at its sharpest when the certainty of death is first revealed - the moment the blade is drawn, the instant the fangs are bared. After months on the hunt, the fear in the eyes of a heretic is a sight more joyous than any victory feast. The allfather's wrath will befall them, and I am become his worthy instrument.

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