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2k ITC Imperium Competive Meta

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Hello brothers,

I'm looking for some second opinions on my BA part of my list.

AM Battalion (Catachan or Cadian)
Company commander (aquila)
Company commander (grand strategist)
3x 10 infantry with mortar
Mortar HW team

Knights, krast
Crusader (Endless fury, ion bulwark most of the time)

BA battalion
Captain( hammer, shield, relic JP)
3x5 Scouts
12dc (all CS)

85 points reserve for assassin
-1CP Death visions
-2CP assassin
-1CP emperors wrath artillery

This ends up at 1991 points. My issue is that the BA side doesn't feel good. It eats all my CP if I want them to do anything. I'd like some psychic support ala Dread/Mephiston, maybe. Maybe it's just the matchups. With all the mortar and Wyvern I have a lot of anti horde, I could swap Lemartes+DC for something else.

Anyone have ideas on those 349 points? Anything that'd serve me better?




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You could roll up with a supreme command detachment with Slambo, Mephy and a Libby dread. Allows you to have a single elites slot for Sanguinary guard support or power axe DC support.


alternatively, nix the DC and Lemoncello for either Cap, Meph, and Libby dread, or two caps and a Libby. That's my hot take without thinking about it too hard




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Supreme Command detachment will reduce the number of CPs.


I agree that it would be nice to have some sort of psychic presence on the table. The big advantage of the DC in your list is that it gives another in-your-face threat for your enemy aside from the Smash Captain. 

How about Vanguard Veterans? For 95pts, you get 5 JP-marines with CSs and SSs (much more surviveable than DC) 2 units will give you room for a Libby Dread (142pts with the storm bolter). That would still leave you with 17 pts for some upgrade (TH somewhere?) or additional VV marine.

Alternatively - Company Veterans - with JPs (Index option, I don't know how that works for your meta). Not as cheap, but with the bodyguard rule they can help Smash Captain and Libby Dread survive longer).

WIP thread - Blood Angels 5th Company "Daemonbanes"
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The Unseen

The Unseen


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Mephiston or Librarian dread would do you much better than Lemartes, and I agree, your packing a lot of anti infantry already and the DC are overkill (tee hee)

Either of them, with wings and quickening, give you effectively a 2nd smash captain that requires no CP to function, but with the chance of failure from psychic tests.

You could go whole hog and (points allowing) run 2 DC dreads as massive distraction carnifexes for your knight.
Turn 1 advance and pop smoke, turn 2 make a mess of the enemies frontline.
Or if the enemy shoots them down, they will soak an annoying amount of anti tank fire from your knight and helverins, letting them shoot unmolested, either of which you can use to your advantage.

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