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Kill Team: Kroot Mercenaries

kroot kill team homebrew tau empire

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The White Dwarf version of the Kroot Kill Team was extremely disappointing – here's a rework.

  • Full setting introduction and flavour tables for names, adaptations, etc.
  • New or improved Tactics.
  • "Guided Evolution" special kill team rule for upgrading fire teams.
  • Fieldcraft returns on Carnivores and Hounds, for extra survivability in terrain.
  • Expanded specialist options where it makes sense.
  • Model upgrades for Gunner, Fighter, and Tracker.
  • Special ammo (in the vein of the old sniper rounds upgrade) to compensate for a lack of actual special/heavy weapons.
  • Old "charms" return as two model upgrades for extra customization, allowing you to emphasize assault or sniping.
  • The armour+leadership upgrade from the original 3e Carnivores returns, as well – it's on the sprues, for god's sake.
  • Reworked Kroot Hounds limit, bumped Krootox limit to 2.
  • Added a Mounted Gun rule to allow Krootox to make use of its Advance and its gun.

Note that this doesn't include anything from Elites or Commanders. It's just core Kill Team.

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