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Support for the Warlord Titan. The big one

warlordtitan warlord apocalypse

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So. I'm about to get myself that model. And as we here often play games of 20-30k per side, that model is not going to just sit there on the shelf. Now i'm looking at all the ways possible to boost\repair and other ways to support the guy, i mean, come on, it is 6000 points or 200pl. So far i got those:
1) Re-rolls of 1s to hit for Alpharius  Guilliman 
2) Might of heroes for 17T so that those shadowswords and the like are wounding on 5+. upd - actually nope, only space marine model.

As for repairs i can't think of anything, as imperial guard and sm can't repair it. Because keywords.


Bring all the cheese you can, this topic is anonymous. xD

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Something Ad Mech for repairs - presumably a Techpriest Dominus or similar and add some skitarii to represent titan support legions.

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