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Return to glory-a 5th edition battle report- dark angels VS

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I'm still around although I haven't posted much

Been playing lots of 8th edition in micro scale (see my other post on the topic) however old favorites never go away-

For those of us who have been playing 40K long before the current edition, we know how much it has become a different game. much like the fans of skirmish style 2nd edition 40K I am personally a fan of the 5th edition rules set with a few minor tweaks. adding new/older rules to the core set -snap fire, overwatch, grenade throwing, AP stats for CC weapons, movement mods when assaulting vehicles-making 5th even better than it was.

There is a lot less dakka and a lot more of bringing the right weapon to the right fight.

I challenged a fellow long time player to break out his old blood angels for some 2k point games.

We did one last week I forgot to take pictures of beyond this army setup salamanders VS blood angels.

I barely won that match by 1 kill point

This time around
1.sammael on corvex
2.interrogator chaplain in terminator armour

1-2.ravenwing attack squad w/attached multimelta attack bike.

1.deathwing terminator squad
2-3.venerable dread in Lucius pattern drop pod

1.land raider crusader
2.land raider helios


1.sanguinius(3rd edition rules set from white dwarf) W/honor guard

1-3. assault squad

1.librarian furioso dreadnought
2.sanguinary priest

1.attack bike squad
2.storm eagle gunship(old kitbash)

The table




This time around we set up a central single objective. I set up my force with the exception of the 2 podding dreads and 1 ravenwing squad I sent to outflank the enemy . he placed most of his army in reserve with the exception of the bikes, dread and a single assault squad.

I won first turn but did little with shooting since cover actually is a thing in 5th minimizing my effect to 1 dropping dread assaulting his assault squad. killing 3 before getting slapped around by the sergeants power fist. in this fight the sergeants combat shield saved him time enough to slap both arms off the dread and immobilize it. I ended up sending the outflanking ravenwing squad to rescue the dread.

the second dread dropped in and got into a protracted fight with his furioso we both continued to miss, fail to damage or do minimal effects for 3 full turns before the furioso finally fell.

Both of his other assault squads dropped in subsequent turns both targeting sammael. between them they managed to wound him for 2 of his 3 wounds.....however in both cases his plasma cannon ended them in short order

his attack bikes shot and then assault my second ravenwing squad tying them up most of the game and killing all but the seargent...who had a power sword allowing him to finish off the attack bikes.

His storm eagle arrived and disgorged its content. the honor guard poured melta pistol fire into the crusader killing, it while sanguinius charged the disembarked terminators. after a series of really bad dice rolls sanguinius went down to power fist strikes.

In the end he managed to take the ravenwing squads down to a single attack bike (who was sitting on the objective) as well as killing sammael with his honor guard. at the end of turn 6 he was down to just the sanguinary priest, a clear victory for the 1st legion.









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