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Lion and wolf for local tournament

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Hello my honourable friends,
Iam looking at building a list for a small local tournament. I am trying to base it around the lion and wolf stratagem.

I am mostly a Space wolves player but slowly building up my DA but have not played with them yet.
Here is my list

++ Battalion Detachment +5CP (Imperium - Dark Angels) [36 PL, 4CP, 644pts] ++

+ No Force Org Slot +

Detachment CP [5CP]

Stratagem: Relics of the Rock [-1CP]: Relics of the Rock

+ HQ +

Azrael [9 PL, 180pts]: 3. Brilliant Strategist, Warlord

Interrogator-Chaplain [6 PL, 104pts]: Bolt pistol, Jump Pack, Power fist

Librarian [8 PL, 120pts]: 4) Trephination, 6) Mind Wipe, Force stave, Jump Pack

+ Troops +

Intercessor Squad [5 PL, 85pts]: Auxiliary Grenade Launcher, 4x Intercessor, Intercessor Sergeant
. Stalker Bolt Rifles

Scout Squad [4 PL, 80pts]: 5x Camo cloak
. 4x Scout (Sniper rifle): 4x Sniper rifle
. Scout Sergeant: Bolt pistol, Sniper rifle

Scout Squad [4 PL, 75pts]
. Heavy Weapon Scout: Missile launcher
. 2x Scout (Boltgun)
. Scout (Shotgun)
. Scout Sergeant: Bolt pistol, Boltgun

++ Battalion Detachment +5CP (Imperium - Space Wolves) [66 PL, 4CP, 1,206pts] ++

+ No Force Org Slot +

Detachment CP [5CP]

Trophies of Fenris [-1CP]: Trophies of Fenris - 1 Extra Relic

+ HQ +

Rune Priest [6 PL, 98pts]: 2. Tempest's Wrath, 5. Storm Caller, Bolt pistol, Runic staff

Wolf Guard Battle Leader [5 PL, 109pts]: Jump Packs, Storm shield, Thunder hammer

Wolf Priest [6 PL, 97pts]: Bolt pistol, Jump Packs

+ Troops +

Blood Claws [4 PL, 65pts]
. 4x Blood Claw
. Blood Claw Pack Leader: Chainsword

Grey Hunters [6 PL, 102pts]: 4x Chainsword
. Grey Hunter Pack Leader
. 2x Grey Hunter w/Bolt Pistol
. Grey Hunter w/Plasma Pistol: Plasma pistol
. Grey Hunter with Special Weapon: Bolt pistol, Plasma gun
. Wolf Guard Pack Leader: Chainsword, Plasma pistol

Grey Hunters [4 PL, 65pts]
. Grey Hunter Pack Leader
. 4x Grey Hunter w/Bolt Pistol

+ Elites +

Wulfen [11 PL, 230pts]: Stormfrag auto-launcher
. Great frost axe
. 3x Thunder hammer & Stormshield: 3x Storm Shield, 3x Thunder Hammer
. 4x Wulfen
. Wulfen Pack Leader: Frost claws

+ Heavy Support +

Long Fangs [8 PL, 161pts]
. Long Fang: Lascannon
. Long Fang: Lascannon
. Long Fang: Lascannon
. Long Fang: Plasma cannon
. Long Fang Pack Leader: Chainsword
. . Boltgun and Bolt Pistol

+ Flyer +

Stormwolf [16 PL, 279pts]: Twin helfrost cannon
. Two Lascannons: 2x Lascannon
. Two Twin Heavy Bolters: 2x Twin heavy bolter

++ Total: [102 PL, 8CP, 1,850pts] ++

Created with BattleScribe

Select the WGBL and Chaplin for the strat.

Wolfen stone to the WGBL
Plasma GH on the hunt
BC in the stormwolf
WP with the WGBL to heal and together re roll wounds of 1 and hits in fight. WGBL will have 5 S10 AP -3 D3 attacks
LF chilling in the backline with the RP
Wolfen running up the middle with second GH mid field somewhere

Mostly forming a rear gun line. Intercessors in the Azrael 4++ bubble.
And scout sniper closing out the back line
The other scout squad acting as a speed bump
The libby and Chaplin dropping in.
Give the libby eye of the unseen and the Chaplin shroud of heroes.
With lion and wolf the Chaplin is doing 4 S10 AP-3 D3 attacks rerolling failed hits
-1 to hit and together with the libby -2 LD to the opponents and fight last try and cast mind wipe for another - 1 LD then trying to cast trephination. So with the 2 or more - to LD

Would love any feed back
I dont get much chance to test play so I have just been reading these forums and mathshammering




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Is this a 1850 tourney? or 2k?


Either way, there could be some improvements. Depends of what your collection is at the moment though. With DA, plasma is the thing, so your list is remiss without some hellblasters or plasma devs. IMO


Leon and the woof would be better spent on a smash master to have 5 attacks rerolling hitting on 2+ with a 3++


Just my hot take off hand

Machine God

Machine God


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So do you have the Lion Vs Russ Duel before you begin play?

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Grand Master Raziel

Grand Master Raziel


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Awesome as the Interrogator Chaplain model is, I don't think he's adding much to this list.

Ezekial is worth the points you pay for him over a generic Librarian.

The way I see it, there's a couple effective ways to use the Lion and Wolf strat. The first way is to mutually buff a Smash Master and Smash Lord, for S10 thunder hammers hitting on 2s with 5 attacks each. The other way is to buff a Librarian and Rune Priest so they're Ld 10 for powers where that's relevant.

And I agree, if you're going to splash some DAs into your SW list, might as well get some WotDA action. If you're going for a static backfield force, plasma Devs are probably the way to go.


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Thanks for the great feedback. My apologies, the tournament is 1850 pts max 3 detachment and maximum 30 power level for any one unit
The long fangs are the SW version of Devs and generally one of the SWs best units, but your right about WotDA and I will see how many Plasma LG i can convert.
Wasn't sure how the Chaplin preformed, thanks for the feed back, i might see if i can fit in a smash captain instead




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It is worth considering taking an Apothecary from both codexes.  As that would eliminate any possible downside to running that stratagem.


Spend the CP... both automatically get the bonus before the game begins.

Both have a 50% chance to take a wound.

If an Apothecary is near by, and if they take that wound, they are healed automatically.




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The space wolves wolf priest can heal wounds, dont know where I could fit an apothecary in.

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