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Black Templars Index Astartes

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  • Faction: Black Templar: Dalthus Crusade
Black Templar Index Astartes
New/Update Tactic
Black Templars: Crusaders: Models with this chapter tactic may reroll one or both of the dice when determining charge distance. In addition, models with this chapter tactic that are attacking with a MELEE weapon with a native AP of -1 or greater may make an additional attack with that weapon.

New Stratagems:
No Matter The Odds: 2CP
You may use this stratagem when you chose a BLACK TEMPLAR unit to fight in the fight phase. That unit's melee weapons gain an additional AP (ex. AP0 becomes AP-1) for that phase. This does not grant them the additional attack from their Chapter Tactics.

Slayer of Champions: 1CP
Whenever a BLACK TEMPLARS CHARACTER kills an enemy CHARACTER or MONSTER in the fight phase, you may use this Stratagem. Gain D3 CP. If a BLACK TEMPLAR CHAMPION killed the enemy CHARACTER or MONSTER, you instead gain 3 CP.

New Relic:
Draco’s Pride; The weapon wielded by the famed Castallen Draco, in his campaign against the perfidy Aeldari. The weapon was rumored to have a machine spirit, whose hatred of the witch was matched only by hatred of the xeno. Draco’s Pride replaces Combi-Melta. When firing the Melta half it will always roll 2 d6 take the highest for damage. And doesn’t suffer the penalty for firing the Melta and Bolter as a single weapon.

Blessed Hull of Ludoldus; This Mighty Warmachine, wears the ceramic plating from the first of its kind, the First Crusader, the personal vehicle of Ludoldus and many future High Marshalls. The First Crusader adamantine plating even in its current form has legendary durability. Some say placing it on par with titans of the Adeptus Mechanicus. This relic can be given to a Land Raider Crusader regardless of normal restrictions. Blessed Hull of Ludoldus confers a 4+ invulnerable save.

New Warlord Trait:
Sigismund Blade: +1 Damage to one of the bearer’s MELEE Weapon (Helbrecht new required trait)
Crusader’s Faith: Any Black Templar Units within 6” of the header reduces any losses due to Battleshock by half (rounding up), and whenever bearer loses a wound it may ignore on a 6+ [And maybe gain an additional wound] (Grimaldus New Required Trait)

New Datasheet:
Cavalier Squad (Fast)
Sword Brother Biker: M-14 WS-3+ BS-3+ S-4 T-5 W-2 A-2 LD-8 Sv-3+
Initaite Biker: M-14 WS-3+ BS-3+ S-4 T-5 W-2 A-1 LD-7 Sv-3+
Neophyte Biker: M-14 WS-3+ BS-3+ S-4 T-5 W-2 A-1 LD-6 Sv-4+

Unit Composition
3-9 Initaite Bikers, 0-9 Neophyte Bikers. One Initaite Biker may be upgraded to Sword Brother Biker at no additional cost.
All models are armed with Chainsword, Twin Boltgun, Space Marine Bike, Frag and Krak Grenades.
Up to 2 models may replace Chainsword with an option from Power Weapon List or Special Weapon List.
Any model may replace their chainsword with a bolt pistol
Sword Brother Biker may replace their chainsword with an option from the Sargeant Weapon List

Turbo Boost, And They Shall Know No Fear

Points(not include wargear)
Initaite Bikers: 21ppm
Neophyte Bikers:19ppm

Neophyte Ancient. Elite
M6 WS3+ BS3+ S-4 T-4 W-3 A-2 LD-7 Sv-4+
Chainsword, Marshall’s Banner, Bolt Pistol, Frag And Krak Grenades.
Special Rules
Marshall’s Banner is standard banner but on 5+, And They Shall Know No Fear
A Knight’s Squire: If in the same detachment as a Black Templar CAPTAIN or CHAPTER MASTER this unit is taken an HQ instead of an Elite. This unit may never be given a relic or warlord trait.

Points(not include wargear)
Neophyte Ancient - 43 Points

Additional Options:
Black Templar Assault Squads can take up to 2 options from the Power Weapon List, Flamers, and/or Plasma Pistol. This replace the normal option for assault squads to take up to 2 Flamer and/or Plasma Pistol.

Black Templar Detachment may include Land Raider Crusaders as a dedicated transport in addition to its regular option. Land Raider Crusaders taken as dedicated transports, do not count against the Rule of 3.

Power Weapons List refer to the following; Power Swords, Power Maul, Power Ax and Power Fist
CHAMPION references refer to Company, Chapter and Emperor’s Champion

Additional addendum (potential);
Black Templar army built using these rules may not include CENTURION units in addition to other restriction.

Edited by Schlitzaf, 28 June 2019 - 03:07 PM.

Wish List:
BT Crusader Biker- http://www.bolterand...igensian-squad/
BT Primaris Crusaders - (WIP)
"Proper Tool for the Proper Job"

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