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Walking Castle 2000pts

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Hey all. Returning to BA after a bit of an exploration period with vanilla and Deathwatch. Trying out my take on one of my brother's favorites, a walking firebase. Take a look:


Battalion - BA - +5 CP

Jump Captain - hammer, shield, Angel's Wing (Warlord: Artisan)

Librarian Dread - halberd, fist, storm bolter (Smite, Quickening, Wings)


5x Intercessors - bolt rifles, aux GL

5x Intercessors - bolt rifles, aux GL

5x Intercessors - bolt rifles, aux GL


Primaris Ancient - bolt rifle, Standard of Sacrifice

DC Dread - fists, heavy flamer, storm bolter


4x Scout Bikes


Vanguard - BA - +1 CP

Primaris Lt - MC auto bolt rifle


3x Aggressors - boltstorms

3x Aggressors - boltstorms

3x Aggressors - boltstorms


Leviathan - 2x storm, 2x heavy flamer

Contemptor Mortis - 2x twin las

Contemptor Mortis - 2x twin las


Auxiliary - Ultramarines - -1 CP

Tigurius (Smite, Might, Veil, Fortress)


1975 total

9 CP

-1 Aux detachment

-1 Death Visions

-1 Armoury of Baal



Conceptually the list is a brick and some scalpels. Using Wings and Forlorn respectively, the Libby dread and smash cap will run forward with the scout bikes to try and secure early kills on key targets. Trying out a DC dread for the first time as a distraction carnifex, hopefully smoke, FNP, and good positioning will keep him chugging until he gets into the thick of it turn 2. Intercessors, aggressors, contemptors, and leviathan group up and march with the ancient and Lt, plus Tigurius. He'll throw Veil on the DC dread turn 1 and Might on the leviathan, as well as providing general psychic defense and hoping to god a Vindicare doesn't blow his head off. On paper these guys should be tanky as all else with character support and consistently put out absurd firepower.


Biggest weaknesses I'm foreseeing right now are flyer spam and lack of CP. My only real answer to flyers are my scalpels, and after Forlorn and the other pregame strats I'll only have 4 CP to play with. Considering Wisdom, Honour the Chapter, Only in Death, and Red Rampage are all pretty important, I'll have to be REALLY stingy with my CP and likely won't be able to use any command rerolls. A possible answer is dropping the Intercessors and one squad of aggressors for a Techmarine and scouts across the board, for two battalions. The more I think about it, the more I feel I'll be going for this approach, since the scouts would help protect the castle from early deepstrike threats as well (and give me CP for potential Auspex scans to further boost DS resistance). The castle itself would lose significant substance from the intercessors and 3 aggressors, but since my characters are so CP hungry it may be necessary. I'd love your advice on how you'd patch these weaknesses either through listbuilding or gameplay. Cheers

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