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Iyanden ghost army

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  • Location:The Kingdom of the East Saxons!
  • Faction: OoOML, Ulthw√©

points 1998



HQ - Aurtach

HQ - Farseer

Troop - 10 guardians + Brightlance 

Troop - 10 guardians + brightlance

Troop - 5 Rangers

Hvy Sup - Warwalker w/ 2 Brightlances



HQ - Spirtseer

Elite -5 Wriathblades (ghost swords)

Elite -5 Wraithguard (D-sycthes)

Elite -5 Wraithguard (wraithcanon)

Hvy Sup - 3 x Wraithlords each with 2 Shuriken Cats & a ghostglavie

Transports - 3 x Wave Serpents with tripple Shuriken Canon, Spirt stones, star Engines & Vectored Engines


so as a list thrown together from the new Apocalypse Vanguard, the start collectiong box & 2 guardians + ranger box how would this fare in YOUR meta??

Dyspraxic & Dyslexic  - So I might not write/explain what I think I have as clearly as intended to.... 


I'm confussed... what side of the fence am I on???



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