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The Apes of Wrath

Apes of Wrath Kill team Apes of wrath Kill team Orks Apes

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I started an Ork Killteam when Killteam in 7th came out, and converted my Orks into Apes, becuase I thought it would be fun to have a Planet of The Apes and/or hotrod themed army, and decided I should post what I have for my current Killteam.

It's Commander is Warboss Big Tommy, who is wearing the pirate hat and weilding the dreaded Power Barrel (Bug Choppa). The leader is Chimp Guevera, a Grot leader, who has killed a Plague Marine with a single shot.

The Apes dressed in Batman costumes are my kommandos, and WAAAAAAAGHluigi is a nob with a big Choppa and kombi flamer.

I am looking into contrast paints to make painting them go faster, since the conversion work takes quite a while haha so if anyone has any good experience or suggestions on that, I'd much appreciate it!


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Brother Tyler

Brother Tyler


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Such creativity is a thing of beauty - something I'd love to play against. I'd be interested in seeing a WIP/tutorial showing how you do the conversion work.

If Orks could take Weirdboyz as commanders, I'd suggest adding Mojo Jojo. Of course, I guess he could serve as a Warboss. msn-wink.gif

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Thanks! As for a tutorial, I can try and start writing one this weekend. They aren't too difficult to make, there's just a lot of waiting for greenstuff to dry.

I didn't even think of Mojo JoJo, and now I am pretty sure that I need to make him! Just have to decide between weird boy, big mek or Warboss? He could be any of those! Haha

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Zephaniah Adriyen

Zephaniah Adriyen


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Omnissiah, did you just say WAAAAAAAAAAAGHluigi? That's the memeiest thing I've ever seen in this hobby. Good lord. All of my yes.

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Wow. I love it. When I first read the thread title I thought "yeah, that would be pretty easy to do. They already have the right stance, just paint them like apes." But to see that you really went all out and made them actually apes is just excellent.

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