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Speculation on how the new expansion is gonna work?

Apocalypse Expansion

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Zephaniah Adriyen

Zephaniah Adriyen


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In comparison to vanilla 40k, Apocalypse has always been the same thing but with a few houserules occasionally and more emphasis on super-units, right? To be honest, I've never played it, nor do I have enough of one army to run an Apoc game (about 2k per army in my collection, and only two major armies), and my local meta tends toward the smaller scale, usually around 1k, but up to 3.5k. Do you think the new expansion will have similar systems to common Apoc houserules, or will it be more of a unique game? I'm expecting it to be similar to Kill Team in that it's going to have the same basic ruleset as 40k with major tweaks that make it more complicated.


On a related note, is anyone else looking to pick up one of the new Apoc box sets for proper standard 40k as well?

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From what I've seen and been told, Apoc is going to resemble kill team, rules wise, for the turn mechanics. Sounds interesting but we'll see. I bought a lot of stuff for the last Apoc and after a few months was obselete and then 8th ed dropped. I will play but won't purchase anything for it.

The box sets are sweet and yes I would like to get one or two just for my 40k armies.they are well worth it looking at the savings money wise.

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This is a whole new game, so few things really carry over from 40k besides things like hit and wounding mechanics.

I got to play my first 200 PL game at a release party. Very fun even if we were all referencing the rules often.

I am annoyed about a couple of things:

detachments consisting of like 5 different units (i.e an airwing) still take too long to resolve. Especially for gunships that are bristling with weapons. The grainularity was toned down on everything save the units that really could have used it the most.

The other Nit pick is some units just still do to few attacks. Dreads in particular do not feel like they are simply going to slaughter a large squad of squishy guys even if kitted for cc.

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