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Traveler settling back into the hobby I love.

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The Gentle Axeman

The Gentle Axeman


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  • Location:New Zealand, Auckland
Hi everyone,

I've lurked for a while and the seeing all the great feedback and inspiring work going on forced me to sign up.

I played and posted from 2000ish till 2012, then I moved from England to do a bit of a world tour. Now settled in NZ and have a wife and offspring. So I'm starting from scratch and with alot less disposable income and time. Still it's an adventure relearning and with limited resources.

Hope to jump into the Turf War to give me some painting motivation.
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Welcome to Bolter & Chainsword!  I look forward to seeing you around and seeing your work.




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Welcome back, good to have you around again!


Having a wife and kid(s) might result in less hobby time, but look at it this way: it is your time, and there is the option of raising another hobbyist with a bit of luck. 


Hope to jump into the Turf War to give me some painting motivation.

If you are talking about this Turf War: hurry, it ends in less than three weeks. If you are contemplating ETL: you can still join too, but the cut-off time is July 1st - so again, join soon. Both are great for motivation, so it would be awesome to see you around! thumbsup.gif




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Welcome aboard :D What armies do you collect, or will you collect?

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The Gentle Axeman

The Gentle Axeman


  • 22 posts
  • Location:New Zealand, Auckland
Thanks for the welcomes,

I've had a few armies before, but sold them all before I started traveling. I kept some mordheim and old necromunda stuff and a small bits box.

I recently picked up a copy of the new necromunda box super cheap and for nostalgia reasons, also the models were kinda perfect for a project I had in mind. I'll start something off in the wip section soon.

I might look at starting a GSC as I cant resist freaks on bikes (previous armies include speed freaks and a mounted marauder/chaos thing) and my current project might give me some extra bodies for the gene pool.
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Chaplain Dosjetka

Chaplain Dosjetka


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Welcome back to the hobby and the B&C, The Gentle Axeman! :tu:



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Welcome to the B&C :)


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