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Reede's Progress Log

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Excellent work on the Primaris models, and Dempsey's backstory.


Thanks, always enjoy adding fun stuff and trying to continue the lore of my great company.


Actually got some inspiration and thought I'd write some rules for the Bloodied Claws, create a detachment for them that I may run in some fun games with my friends. 


The Bloodied Claws Detachment
Unit Requirements
1-2 Aggressor Squads (6 maximum models)
2-X Squads with keyword "Blood Claws"
Command Benefits: + 1 Command Point
Detachment Benefits: Units with keyword Blood Claws within 3" of an Aggressors unit in this detachment may reroll to hit rolls of 1 in the fight phase.
2CP Friendly Rivalry: Play this stratagem at the beginning of the move phase. Units with keyword "Blood Claw" within 6" of an Aggressors Unit in this detachment may charge even if they advanced this turn.
1CP Show Them How It's Done: Play this stratagem at the beginning of the shooting phase. Any Aggressor unit from this detachment within 6" of a unit with key word "Blood Claws" may fire twice this turn, even if they moved.

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Fantastic models! Love those ice bases. Really makes them stand out.
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Making all 12 Wolf Lords...


ranulf the revenant

ranulf the revenant


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The aggressors are really great, the dark red fingers are a nice.. uh... touch 😅

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Your friendly neighbourhood murder husky happy.png.

My humble Space Wolves plog

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