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2000 Pt Black Legion need help

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Hey folks, 
I am hoping you can help me create some semblance of a list from the units I have and give me some direction going forward. So I have a 30k Thousands Sons army I have been working on for some time and while looking at the new Chaos Space Marine book, I think I can put something together that would be fun to play and maybe? semi competitive. I could use a bunch of the Black Legion rules. 

So- Ill also be spending a CP on Council of Traitors 

Vanguard Detachment- (Bringers of Despair Specialist Detachment) 
Chaos Lord with jump pack, combiplasma, Ghorisvexs Teeth- Warlord Trait- First Amongst Traitors 
5 terminators, 3 combiplasma, 2 combibolters, 1 powerfist, 1 chainfist, 3 chainaxes MoT 
5 terminators, 3 combiplasma, 2 combibolters, 1 powerfist, 1 chainfist, 3 chainaxes MoT 
5 terminators 5 combimeltas, 3 chainaxes, 1 powerfist, 1 chainfist MoT 
(Yeah, some of the terminators are going to be expensive but they should pack a punch given twith the lord within 6 inches they reroll all hits) 

Sorcerer in terminator armor- MoT, Warp Time, Weaver of Fates - unholy fortitude (from council of traitors) 
Dark Apostle- Trusted War- Leader (from council of traitors) 
2 Dark Disciples 

3 x 5 csm with chainreaper 

5 chosen, 3 combiplasma, 1 plasmagun, 1 with pfist 

Now the tricky stuff that I dont have points for etc that is still all painted (dont know how to work this in, not familiar enough with the rules) 

2x Castellax-Achea Battle-automata with Æther-flame Cannon (I could count these as normal ones) 
Thousand Sons Legion Osiron Pattern Contemptor Dreadnought with assault cannon and the blade, the assault cannon is magnetized the ccw is not sadly. 
2 space marine rapier quad mortars 

Again all this is painted and looks good on the table top. First I dont know how much it costs point wise because of the forgeworld and next, I want a cohesive army that works together on the battlefield. I would like to keep the terminators the focus of the army. I am not opposed to adding units to support this- I thought maybe I would add a termite for the chosen so they could pop out and shoot. I also have a Xiphon that is not painted. 

Any input on total points, how bad my units are and units I should add etc would all be appreciated. Again, Im not looking to win tournaments obviously just have a chance to keep it close against anything players at the hobby store might put on the battlefied (and most of these guys use big stuff). 

Closet Skeleton

Closet Skeleton


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There's an army list forum.


That list wouldn't be legal in most formats since it wouldn't fit into 3 detachments.


The Bringers of Despair detachment doesn't work, you don't have the Chosen of the Warmaster warlord trait or any terminator armoured character who can take it. Terminator lords can't take Ghorisvex's teeth because chainswords aren't on their list.


Flames of Spite is the better warlord trait for a Ghorisvex's teeth lord. You can stick First Among Traitors on the sorcerer if you want that.


3 units of Mark of Tzeentch terminators are bad because you can only use weaver of fates on one of them. You could mitigate that issue by taking a unit of 10. Really you want to go slaanesh though.


Automata and Osirons are 30k only, the Osiron can be used as a hellforged contemptor though. The Castellax could be used to count as something maybe. Chaos Rapiers aren't allowed to take quad-mortars in the forge-world index.

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