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Disappointed with new Sister

Adepta Sororitas

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I like 'em. Looks like the 16 year wait will not have been in vain :)

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... they're making New sister's in plastic....(21 years in the making) it's up to you as a consumer if you want to buy them or not...if you have a full army of metal sisters that you love playing with then good for you and more power to you,if you think the new sisters will be out of scale with your old ones...your 100% right... this is the "new" GW but it's still GW whistlingW.gif
They want you to buy a whole new army...do they care you have a complete army of metal models...NO, I'm pretty sure they don't care if you can afford them...
they do care about the BOTTOM LINE and the new kiddie consumers out there rolleyesclean.gif who have more disposable than i care to admit...
We need to get past the fact that they don't care about our gripes about prices,compatibility with existing ranges etc,they only listen to what new models we want...
I'm lucky that i despised metal models and sold them off as soon as plastics were available for the relevant armies i had....
I only have one sister of battle and she's plastic it's going to take me a while to save up and get a sisters army (perhaps i should have started saving 21 years ago eh sweat.gif)


I have to disagree with your assessment that hobbyists need to get past GW not caring about customer opinions, especially with issues as significant as price and compatibility with existing figures and collections. If folks don't speak up, how is GW to know what they do or don't want? Even if disenchanted hobbyists don't talk to someone at GW personally, boards such as this probably are examined occasionally by company staff, which hopefully has some effect on their decision-making processes. If a customer actually reaches a point of believing GW could care less about their patronage, no longer giving them that patronage speaks pretty loudly too. GW is run as a for-profit company, which in essence is a good thing for everyone (so long as they keep producing miniatures, models, games and associated gear that hobbyists will purchase). I believe any of us need to speak up when necessary, especially with our wallets. If GW doesn't mind losing existing customers to make room for new ones, that is exactly what will happen, and I think that would be unfortunate.

As an aside, I'd like to ask why you're so disillusioned with metal as a material for producing miniatures. Regardless of the material out of which a mini is made, it has to be cleaned up, assembled, cleaned up again, primed, painted, based, etc. Once the miniature is finished, nobody can tell what's underneath the paint, glue, greenstuff and such, and why should they? My whole philosophy surrounding the hobby is wrapped around the simple idea of buying the miniature that catches my eye and is within my grasp economically. I do prefer plastic (even over resin -- I don't particularly enjoy using cyanoacrylate adhesives, and plastic is, more often than not, much easier to work with than other base materials), but regardless of the material out of which it's made, if I like it, I buy it. If you don't mind my asking, what happened to so strongly put you off metal altogether?
Not who you're replying to but metal fething sucks. It's rough on paintbrushes, cleaning flash and mold lines on it is a nightmare, it's so heavy that an army case full of metals is difficult to carry and can damage the box itself, it doesn't prime as well as plastic because it's more pouros, paint chips off really easily, even through layers of varnish, they fall apart super easily if they're multipart because of their weight and not being able to use plastic glue. A lot of models, especially larger ones require pinning while also being a hard enough material that pinning is difficult. Weapon swaps or conversions are difficult AND dangerous due to the shrapnel they kick off. They're top heavy so the fall over a lot and damage themselves. Metal is just awful. As soon as SoB are in plastic I will never so much as look at a metal model ever again.

Resin melting in the sun isn't much better.
An incredibly beautiful model is released, but it's not available in anything other than metal, so you won't even consider adding it to your collection? I don't think I could make that decision. I agree totally that metal is much more difficult to work with than plastic (or resin, although resin has its peccadilloes too), but if I like it (and here's the key word) enough, I'll buy it. I'd buy a miniature made out of just about anything if I considered it worthy of my attention. Having said that, I now can see that's probably just about exactly how you must feel too. You don't consider metal worthy of your attention.

Back when we began the hobby, everything was incredibly difficult. I remember being satisfied just by finishing an unpainted kit, so long as all the pieces were in the right places and adequately connected, there were no glue smears everywhere, no holes or other deficits caused by pulling the pieces off the sprues were evident, clear windows and/or canopies remained clear, and other such triumphs. Almost immediately after having achieved nirvana however, a paint job became necessary, so the skills for accomplishing that were developed, and so on. For the very talented, it may have taken less time, but it was experience, dedication and hard work that led to skill sets improving enough to be able to consistently produce good looking results from model kits. Soon, kits I had ignored, such as vacuum-formed and resin, beckoned. All this happened again with miniatures, when wargaming piqued my interest, but metal was largely the only game in town, so once again I had to develop the skills necessary to get decent results with those miniatures and kits, particularly after conversions became so thoroughly intertwined with my other hobby interests.

Hmmm. Wait a second; I think I'm going in the wrong direction here. That's me. I don't mean to suggest your skills aren't up to snuff. I think making a choice such as yours actually would be easier for an experienced, rather than inexperienced, modeler. Even if that isn't true, it doesn't really matter. Making a decision to forego one model over another because of the material out of which it's made, or any other reason at all, absolutely is your prerogative. It reduces the models from which one can pick and choose considerably, which would be tough for me, but there's nothing whatever wrong with such a decision. Thanks for your thoughts.
To answer the first paragraph, depends on the rules and if I can find a decent counts as. For example, ministorum priests are great in game so I use a third party model that looks like a priest to avoid using metal.

If I can't find a viable replacement and the rules aren't great I don't buy it (penitent engine). If the rules are good and I can't find a suitable replacement I either muddle through (battle sisters) or build my lists in a way that don't need them (arco-flagellants).

What the model looks like is largely irrelevant, so long as the rules are good and it's part of my faction.

As for the rest, I have no time, patience, or interest in faffing around with subpar materials for the sake of my hobby 'epeen'.

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Like the other topic I recently closed, I dont see much discussion left in that that hasn't already been posted, and is in places off topic, so I'm closing it. I understand that the new model is a disappointment to some and for those people, I sympathise. This range has been a long time coming and unfortunately, GW is not going to be able to please everyone. That said, this topic is given the Emperor's peace.
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