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What terminator armor does Abaddon use?

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Jarl Caldersson

Jarl Caldersson


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I know he wears a modified cataphractii pattern before and during the HH, and his FW model reflects the lore.

However his 40k old and new terminator armor is more akin to a modified indominus pattern. Additionally the new CSM terminators and SM:Heroes series 2, share many of the same features as Abaddon and are in indominus pattern.

It would make sense he would change to a more common pattern as his rarwe cataphractii would be harder and harder to repair after pre-HH, peri-HH, and post-HH plus 10k years.
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There is some discussion on this in this recent thread, which might be helpful: http://www.bolterand...n-color-scheme/

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Zephaniah Adriyen

Zephaniah Adriyen


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To summarize conclusions in that thread:
Abaddon does not wear standard-pattern armor. He has been wearing the same continuous suit of Terminator armor since the Heresy. However, that suit has been repaired over time, and had parts replaced. As it stands, he still wears his old armor, with Indomitus-pattern replacement parts. His armor's current design is closer to Indomitus-pattern, whereas it used to be closer to Cataphractii plate.

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With some work, I am confident you could turn him into wearing Tartoros pattern armour. I am waiting on a good deal on ebay to do this conversion myself. 


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