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Lord Thrax, First Son of Daemon Prince Traditorio

Khorne Chaos Space Marines

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Zephaniah Adriyen

Zephaniah Adriyen


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It was early morning when Private Leanna Fidele, Ragnarus 16th Regiment, stationed on Ragnarus V - the planet on the edge of the system, a cold world - first heard the gunshots, the screams, the revving of chain weapons. Being the dutiful Guardswoman she was, she immediately went after her lasgun. The enemy had arrived. She ran out of her barracks with her squad, preparing to fight for the lives of all those living in the Ragnarus system.


It was all over before it started. The Fallen Sixth broke the line of the 16th before the regiment had a chance to organize and retaliate. Company Commander Ceccino was executed by the Daemon Prince himself, crushed like an insect and incinerated by Traditorio's eternal flames.


While running down the hall to her station, Fidele's entire squad was shot down. One by one, each one was detonated in spectacular fashion, by an unseen foe wielding a bolt weapon. Eventually, Fidele was the only one left.


The last thing she saw was a black figure, flecked with blood and bearing Crimson Knights heraldry, aiming a bolt pistol at her. The man - no, the monster - chuckled. "Foolish creature. The Blooded Sons of Ragnarus have taken your lives, the lives of your comrades, for the Blood God. There is no escape. There is no respite. You, your regiment, your world will die. I believe I'll take your skull for a personal trophy..."


The report of five bolt rounds being fired in quick succession was the last thing Leanna heard, before her torso was obliterated by the servant of the Blood God before her, leaving her blood to paint the wall behind her. She had several seconds of intense pain before the release of death allowed her to escape the 42nd Millennium.




Lord Thrax was the result of me deciding to both A, use excess Berzerker bits to build a Character model, and B, my desire to try out Black Templar (the Contrast paint). I must say, I love the Berzerker kit, and I love the Black Templar paint. I based him in a mix of Reaper mountain stone and dragon white, in no particular mix, then just did Black Templar. I also used Blood Angel with the same light grey basing, then detailed in Balthasar Gold, Khorne Red for the emblems and Reaper Blade Steel for silver parts like chains and the bolt pistols. All parts are taken from the Khorne Berzerker kit, straight up.

Apologies for blurry pics, I'm a gamer, not a photographer.




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"All power demands sacrifice and pain. The universe rewards those willing to spill their life's blood for the promise of power." - Sindri Myr


"There is no meaning, no purpose. We murder, we kill. It is mindless savagery, this UNIVERSE is mindless!" - Azariah Kyras


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